10 Best Insoles For Flat Feet 2017 – Reviews & Expert Advice

Feet shape is important to avoid injuries. If you have a regular foot, then there is nothing to be worried. But if you have flat feet and want to run or walk on different surfaces, this will make you uncomfortable.

A few months ago, I faced the same issue. As my feet is flat, I was suffering from different pain and minor injuries. Then my doctor advised me to use some insole in my shoe to avoid the problem. But recently, I have found so many people are suffering from the same problem, and they don’t know what the best insoles for flat feet are.

That is why I have decided to write a detailed guide with top 10 products which will help you to get a good deal.

What Are Flat Feet?

There are different types of feet in human. Flat feet mean your feet are almost flat instead of a curve.

Best Insoles For Flat Feet

How Can I Fix My Flat Feet?

It is not possible to rebuild your legs in a natural shape as it is God gifted. You can use an insole to fix different problems of flat feet. Though insole is not going to fix your feet, but you will remain comfortable during different activities.

What are The Reasons to Choose the Best Insoles for Flat Feet?

Flat feet cause pain in the feet. There are also some other diseases which you will face because of flat feet. You may feel pain in the arch, Plantar Fasciitis, etc. If you choose the best insole for flat feet, it will reduce the pain in feet. Also, you will feel comfortable in different activities like running, cross training, etc.

Things to Look For

Whenever you are looking for best shoe insoles for flat feet, you need to consider several things to get the best product. Also, you need to avoid some issues with insoles that are not going to help you.

Remember, Avoid Insoles That (×)

The Size of Insole: Be careful about the size of an insole. Only purchase an insole that has the correct size. Don’t buy excessively larger or smaller insoles.

Cheap Materials: You are not going to purchase the insole in every month. So, avoid cheap materials.

Soft: Softer insoles are not always the best. You should purchase an insole that has the proper thickness in different areas.

Volume: You will find both high-volume and low-volume insoles in the market. If you want to use the insole for running, you should avoid low-volume insoles.

Non-Washable: If the insole is not washable, you should avoid that one. It will make unhygienic condition inside of the shoe.

And Good Insoles Should Have (√)

Flexibility: Best insoles have excellent flexibility which will keep you comfortable when you are running or doing other workouts.

Proper Structure: Structural alignment is so critical in insoles. A slight misalignment can cause you some serious injury in feet.

Sweat Proof: Though most of the insoles are not sweat proof at all. But you can find some models with this feature. Also, some insoles have odor control feature. This will keep you free from bacteria.

High-Quality Material: good insoles come with some high-grade materials, and they are durable too. Synthetic material is best for most of the purposes.

Heel Support: Heel support is a common feature of an insole that will keep you comfortable in the long run.

Where to Buy the Right Insoles?

You will find different stores in your location. Visiting local stores is a time-consuming process. In online, you can choose the product based on category and save your valuable time. Though there are different online stores available, I recommend purchasing from Amazon. Coz they maintain the quality and also you can choose from an extensive collection without stay present physically.

Top 10 Recommended Insoles for Flat Feet – For Man & Woman

NoNameMy RatingFor
1.Vionic Active Orthotic Insole4.2Man
2.Orthotics for Flat Feet by Samurai Insoles5.0Man
3.Footminders Orthotic Arch Support Insoles3.8Man
4.Spenco Total Support Original Insole4.5Man
5.Corefit Custom Moldable Orthotics4.5Man
6.Superfeet Women's BERRY Performance Insole5.0Woman
7.Superfeet CARBON Full Length Insoles4.3Woman
8.Superfeet Green Heritage Insoles5.0Woman
9.Superfeet Black Premium Insoles4.0Woman
10.Sof Sole High Arch3.8Woman

1. Vionic Active Orthotic Insole Men

If you are looking for the best insole for flat feet under 50, it is recommended. It comes from one of the reputed brands Vasyli LLC.

The primary material of the insole is synthetic. If you are looking for an alternative of custom-made orthotics, it will be a good choice. This Vionic Active Orthotic Insole is specially designed for men. It will provide great comfort when you are running or walk on rough surfaces.

Also, it is a lightweight insole which will not make your shoe heavy.If you are suffering from pain because of flat feet, give a try to it. There is entirely regular heel cup that makes sure you are getting enough support from it.

Using Vionic insoles with any shoes is easy. No matter what activity you are going to do. Running, walking, cross training everything is possible with it.


  • The flexible insole that keeps you comfortable on any surface.
  • Suitable to use in almost any type of shoes.
  • Easy to set in the right position.
  • Comes with the synthetic construction which is durable.
  • Comes with Tri-Planar motion control.
  • Reduce pain in foot and leg.


  • Some customers have a complaint about the arch placement.
  • Not an ideal one for excessive usage.
  • The Front part is a little bit narrow.

Conclusion: This is a cost-effective way to keep your flat feet in the right position. The best part is, you can keep these insoles in any shoes. Performance is great on all surfaces. So, if you are looking for the best flat feet insole with a small budget, it is ideal for you.

2. Orthotics for Flat Feet by Samurai Insoles

It also comes with a budget friendly price. If you are suffering from heel pain or you have Plantar Fasciitis, you should use it. It is highly comfortable in different terrains and keeps the user comfortable for long duration activities.

This will control the pronation associated with flat feet. Men who have flat feet usually suffer from several minor injuries. You may spend 500 bucks for a shoe pair which is for flat feet. But if you are looking for a something cost effective alternative, you should choose it. Suit with any regular shoe without any trouble.

No matter if you want to use the same pair for both exercises and work, you can use them. Customers are comfortable using these insoles with sneakers, shoes, clogs, boots, slippers, or flats.


  • Simple design to use with a variety of shoes.
  • Easy to adjust with your feet.
  • Podiatrist design for excellent support.
  • Better heel support to reduce heel pain.
  • Different sizes are available.
  • Cost effective way to keep your flat feet to stay comfortable all day.
  • Arch support is so good and gives relief from any minor injury of flat feet.


  • If your weight is excessively high, you should avoid these insoles.
  • Longevity is not satisfactory.

Conclusion: Currently I am using it and feeling so lucky that I have this one. It is so good when I am walking on rough surfaces. Though this one is not so durable like some high-end products, but have the best features that are possible with a price under 50.

3. Footminders COMFORT Orthotic Arch Support Insoles

Man feet is critical and need different cares. That is why Footminders insoles have specially designed for men who is suffering from pain because of flat feet. If you are on a tight budget and looking for the best deal with your budget, I will recommend it.

Insoles from Footminders come with cushioning which will give you comfortable feeling. It will help you to get relief from several pains. Though it is a low-budget insole, you can still use it with different types of shoes without any hassle. Give support for plantar fasciitis and lessen pain. It comes with comfortable arch support. If you have to work for a long time by standing in one place, you are going to love it.


  • This is the best insole for flat feet with a low budget.
  • Cushioning for comfortable walking.
  • Designed by podiatrists for pain-relieving arch support.
  • Ideal for people who walk or stand for a long duration.
  • Provides biomechanical alignment of your lower body to avoid back pain.
  • Comes with high-quality materials to give longer support.


  • If you have major injuries and pain, it will not work for you.
  • You will face some issues when trying to use with some casual shoes.

Conclusion: If your expecting is so high, you will not love this one. But as a low-budget insole, this one has brought all the necessary features. If you want to replace your expensive one with simple shoes, you can use this insole with shoes.

4. Spenco Total Support Original Insole for Men

Insoles come with both low and high price. If you are budget is very small, you can check this one. I am not telling that this is the best insole for flat feet, but as an inexpensive insole, it has a good support for flat feet.

Spenco insoles come with cushioning to keep you comfortable on different surfaces. If you are looking for insoles to reduce pain in feet, you can order this unit. There is a low-friction antimicrobial top cloth that will control odor.

If you are suffering from foot pain, it will give you relief with Metatarsal arch support. It will offload pressure from the ball of the foot. It is also good to use for running and other exercises.


  • Best inexpensive insoles for flat feet.
  • Semi-Flexible Orthotic Arch Support for Stability.
  • TPR Gel air grid pods and forefoot pad for comfort.
  • Suitable for low volume or minimal running shoes.
  • 3-pod cushioning system.


  • This product is not durable enough to use for a long period.
  • Material quality is not okay as above models.
  • Wider feet may face some disturbance to set up with a shoe.

Conclusion: I haven’t a high expectation in a low-budget insole. But this one has some amazing features which will keep you protected in different surfaces. Don’t judge this item by its price. Most of the customers are happy about its features.

5. Corefit Custom Moldable Podiatrist Grade Orthotics

If you are looking for the best insole for flat feet which has a perfect heel cup, you can go for this. This is a moldable insole that you can use with different types of shoes without any trouble.

This is a perfect solution for different pain in feet which occur because of flat feet. If you are suffering from Plantar Fasciitis or arch pain, you should go for it. Comes with 3/4 length arch supports that are rigid. Also, you can reduce the pain in the back part of your body.

No need to purchase a separate shoe pair for flat feet running or other exercises. You can use this insole with any shoe with a simple step. So, you can minimize the cost of the shoe with it.


  • This is a moldable orthodontics.
  • Get relief from back pain, knee pain and other pains of the foot.
  • Easy to adjust with any shoes.
  • Made of environmentally friendly material.
  • Ideal for any pain in the foot.


  • It is a high-end product and price is higher than other models.
  • No foam or gel cushioning in the insole.
  • Not ideal for sensitive skin.

Conclusion: Corefit Custom Moldable Podiatrist Grade Orthotics are the best insoles for running which you can use for a long time. Setting up with a variety of shoes is so easy. Just dip in warm water for 15-20 seconds, and it is ready for use. Customers are highly satisfied with this insole.

6. Superfeet Women’s BERRY Performance Insole

The shape of the feet in women is different from men. Also, women feet are more sensitive than men. That is why it is necessary to choose the right one with the accurate measure. This Superfeet Women’s BERRY Performance Insole has designed to give better protection in any pain in the feet. If you are looking for a budget friendly product, this will be a right choice.

It is made of synthetic which is highly durable. Also, comes with synthetic lining for the longevity. If you have arch pain or suffering from plantar fasciitis, you can go for this one. It comes with natural NXT anti-bacteria coating.

So, you can stay secure about sweating in feet. There is high impact foam with a cushion in the ball position of the feet. If you need to work for a long period in a standing position, cushioning will keep you relaxed.


  • Suitable to use with any women shoe.
  • Latex free insole.
  • Reinforced stabilizer cap to support the rear foot.
  • Biomechanical shape to give the support in any terrain.
  • Shock absorbing system to give support in high impact activities.
  • Odor control coating to keep the feet hygienic.
  • Highly durable insole to provide longer support.


  • It doesn’t come with the extremely strong arch.
  • Not an ideal product for people with overweight.

Conclusion: Though there are some complaints from customers, but most of the customers are happy with this product. It is one of the best women insoles which is suitable for any activities. Highly recommended to reduce the pain in flat feet.

7. Superfeet CARBON Full-Length Insoles

If you are looking for an effective insole to reduce pain in flat feet, it will be a good choice. It comes with an affordable price. Made of high-quality synthetic material which is durable. You can use this pair for a long time without any issues.

There is a carbon fiber stabilizer cup in this. It will keep your feet comfortable and secure. Also, these insoles come with the biomechanical shape. So, it will suit with any women shoe. Even you can use this insole with casual shoes.

Built with heel cup which will stabilize the foot to reduce stress on feet. Comes with lightweight, high-density foam. So, it will not make any irritation in your feet. Odor control coating makes sure that you are remaining hygienic.


  • Highly durable insole to suit any person.
  • Proper shape to give the best support in all terrain.
  • Easy to set with a wider range of shoes.
  • Cushioning for a comfortable feeling in high impact activities.
  • Great quality of material for the longevity.


  • It makes noise when you are walking.
  • Cushioning is not so comfortable as expected.

Conclusion: If your budget is nearly 50 and you want the best insole for flat feet, you should purchase this item from Superfeet. Easy to use with any shoe to reduce pain in the feet. It also provides support for other injuries which happens because of flat feet.

8. Superfeet Green Heritage Insoles

Choosing the right insole for women is not an easy work. If you want to stay secure about the quality of the insole and you have a good budget, you can purchase this item. Comes with excellent quality to provide longer support.

This Superfeet insole is made of synthetic. This Manmade sole has the proper shape to keep the feet in the right position to avoid any pain. Moreover, there is high arched support. Suitable to use with most of the shoes. Even if you want to use this insole with some casual shoes, it is possible. It has the anti-bacteria NXT coating.

So, the inside of the shoe will remain hygienic. The durable construction of the shoe makes sure that you can use them for a long time. Also, it has enough cushioning to keep you comfortable in all terrain.


  • High-grade material for the longevity.
  • Easy to use with any women shoes.
  • Proper structure to keep you comfortable and secure.
  • Reduce any pain in flat feet.
  • Comes with foam for the maximum comfort in different terrains.
  • Synthetic material for the stability of the insole.


  • The price of the insole is not affordable for all.

Conclusion: Though the price is not low, you will love it because of the quality. It will keep your feet protected from different injuries. If you already have some pain in your flat feet, this insole will reduce it. If you are looking for top notch insoles, this Superfeet Green Heritage Insoles is highly recommended.

9. Superfeet Black Premium Insoles

If you are a quality product lover instead of fashion, you will love this one. It comes with excellent quality. You can easily use it with most of the shoes.

It has synthetic construction, and there is also synthetic lining in it. This material is highly durable and provides long time support. If you have flat feet, you will suffer from various pain in your feet. That is why this insole comes with great support that reduces the pain in feet.

Also, you can use with a wider range of shoes. So, no matter whatever activities you are doing, you can use this. If you are looking for the best insole for running, I recommend it.


  • Low volume insole which comes with stabilizer cup.
  • The biomechanical shape that makes the right position of your feet.
  • High-density foam layer for the maximum comfort.
  • Suitable to use on any surfaces.
  • Odor control feature for a clean condition inside of the shoe.
  • Available in various of colors.


  • If you have acute pain in feet, this one is not going to work for you.
  • Some customers have a complaint about the price.

Conclusion: Superfeet Black Premium Insoles is ideal for most of the activities. If you are a serious runner, this is not the ideal one for you. But, if you want to use the insole for walking or work, it will work better than other insoles with the same price.

10. Sof Sole High Arch

If you are looking for the best arch support insoles for flat feet, this will be the right choice. It comes with a high arch that will reduce any pain in the feet. Also, it is easy to use the insole with a variety of shoes.

The main material of the sole is nylon. This material is highly durable. Most of the customers are using this one for a long time. Arch height of it is 3.3 cm. So, you will remain comfortable in different terrains.

There is a nylon plate which provides extra support for the heel and arch. Ideal for various sports activities includes running, hiking, cross-training, etc. If you are an athlete, this is the best insole for the money.


  • Suitable to use in heavy activities.
  • Better arch support than most of the insoles.
  • Deep heel cup keeps feet stable.
  • Comfortable in different terrains.
  • Highly durable with high-grade material.


  • This unit is not comfortable enough as expected.
  • Not an ideal product for people who has extreme weight.

Conclusion: There are some complaints from its existing customers. Most of the customers have a complaint about its comfort. However, this is an inexpensive insole that you can use for a variety of sports activities.


Some Frequently Asked Questions about Flat Feet Insole

How to Choose the Best Insole?

To choose the best insole for flat feet, you need to consider several things include the size, the material, cushioning, arch support, etc. Also, you can choose the best one from the above list of best insoles.

What is the Different Between Men and Women Feet?

The main difference is in shape. Women feet have a different shape. Usually narrower than a men feet. Also, women feet are more sensitive than men.

How Can I Choose the Right Size of Insole?

You should order a flat feet insole based on the size of your shoes. Order an insole which is a little bit longer than the actual size of your shoe. If necessary then you can trim it.

Is it Safe to Use Insoles for Running?

Yes, it is 100% safe to use an insole for flat feet when you are running. Also, it is a good practice to avoid any injury in your feet.

I Have Flat Feet, Which Insole Should I Choose?

The above list has different insoles for flat feet. Each one has some unique features. If you have some particular problem in your feet, then you should choose the right one according to your physician advice.

What Happens if My Feet Sweat?

If your feet sweat a lot, then you should choose a model which has odor control feature. If you see the above list, some models have odor control feature to keep your feet hygienic.

Final Verdict

Now you know clearly what are the best insoles for flat feet. Based on the shape of your feet, you can choose any of the products from the above list. But don’t forget to choose the right one based on men and women category. I also recommend considering the comfort instead of the price. Also, make sure that you have chosen the right size for you. Otherwise, it may cause some pain in your feet.

Fix Flat Feet – Exercise for Fallen Arches


Disclaimer – All outbound links of product images and table-off content have been linked to Amazon.com, To know about the current stock of the above-mentioned product, you need to visit the specified link.

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