Best Insoles for Flat Feet 2016 – Reviews & Expert Advice

Flat feet often called fallen arch is one of the common problems found in both children and adults. Some people suffer from this problem in one foot or both the feet. This kind of feet arches cannot support the feet to hold the weight of the whole body. Hence, the person having such feet has to suffer a lot in various complications from imbalance to pain. As the person cannot walk properly the regular pressure of walking shift to the other parts of the feet.

Sometimes the bad impact of flat feet also affects the waist also. If the flat feet problem is not treated at the right time, it may lead to long-term joint and foot complications. The problem can be solved by taking treatment. The treatment for the problem depends largely on the severity of the problem and the causes behind the problem. In most of the cases, the physicians prescribe people having flat feet to wear the supportive insoles. The supporting insoles will stabilize the arch and make walking more comfortable than before.

What Are Flat Feet?

Flat Feet

So, the flat feet are feet having fallen arch. In the case of the normal arch in the feet the arches are like curve which facilitates comfortable walking. In the case of the flat feet, the arches may be lower or there may not be any arches at all. The reasons behind the flat feet are mostly genetic. But a person may suffer from flat feet for bad walking habit in the childhood, abnormality from birth, torn tendons, damage of tibia tendon called PTT, broken bones, dislocated bones. Some health conditions such as arthritis and nerve disorder also cause flat feet. There are some factors that increase the risk of flat feet. Such factors include Obesity, Diabetes, Aging, and Pregnancy.

What are The Reasons to Choose the Best Insoles for Flat Feet?

The flat feet insoles can solve your problem of flat feet to a great extent. You will no more feel falling arches while walking putting on insoles meant for flat feet. The insoles will ensure 100% surface contact with the body. The insoles for flat feet are such a way so that they can absorb the shock when you jog or run. Dual Layer Memory Foam is used to make the flat feet insoles which make the insole comfortable for wearing. The memory foam is both pressure and temperature sensitive. The foam is also self-customizing because it can compress and rebound with every step one takes. There are two layers of the foam where the top layer provides comfort and the bottom layer absorbs shock arising from walking and running.

Hence, the right insole can help you maintain balance while walking or running. The flat feet insoles can also extend the life of the footwear because insoles are needed to be replaced after a minimum time period.

The insoles are not designed by any amateur artist instead they are designed by the experienced podiatrists. The podiatrists find out the root causes of the flat feet problem and make the design of the insole. So, the flat feet insoles are more scientific than any other type of insoles. Another reason, for which, you should use the flat feet insoles is that they are very easy to use. You will not have to cut them to match the length of the insole with the size of your shoes. You will just have to put the insoles into the shoes and start your daily activity. Most of the people having the flat feet problem think that it is not easy to insert the flat feet insoles into the shoe. Hence, they keep suffering from the same problem even if the solution is available. Most of the flat feet insole brands come with custom sizes. So, you will be able to purchase the insoles based on your shoe size.

Another reason for which you should wear the flat feet insoles is that they will save your money. If you purchase such insoles, they can save your money in various ways. First of all, you will no more have to visit the doctor and pay a large amount of fees for taking prescriptions. On the other hand, you will not have to pay additional money to buy medicines for pain caused by the falling arches of the feet.

Top 10 Recommended Insoles for Flat Feet – For Man & Woman

It is very necessary for everyone to know about the features and quality of the flat feet insoles before attempting to purchase them. One of the ways you can enrich your knowledge to find out the right flat feet insoles it is to take expert advice or read the reviews about the insole brands. In this section, we will discuss the top 10 recommended insoles for flat feet. We will discuss in details about each feature of the insoles and how you can benefit from them. So, let’s have a look at the best insoles for men and women.

Superfeet Women’s BERRY Performance and Comfort Insole

The super feet BERRY insoles are designed especially for women who have flat feet problem. The insoles have unmistakable shape and legendary design which ensures the perfect match with your feet. They have been designed for women running shoes, boots, converse, and many other kinds of shoes. The insole has stabilizer cap which will support the foot and provide structure and stability to the foam layer. It will help the insole to absorb the shock created at the time of walking or running. It has responsive full-length foam which will provide great shock absorption at the of high impact activities. The foam is made of synthetic materials which will support and cushion the foot for long-term comfort.Best Insoles for Flat FeetClick Here

The insole has a deep heel cup and biomechanical shape. It is also designed to provide comfort while doing high impact activities like jogging and running for long distances. It is designed to fit the female feet as it has slimmer heel and arch length. The insole has been designed such a way that it will not slide into the shoe even at the time of high-performance activities. The insole contains an organic coating for odor control. There are some brands of insoles available in the market which can provide comfort but lack in odor control. But Superfeet Women’s BERRY has a coating which will eliminate the growth of bacteria causing odor. The insole is made from synthetic material instead of latex, nickel sulfate, and formaldehyde. The insoles will resolve common feet problems such as foot pain, arches pain, heel pain and plantar fasciitis by properly adjusting with the foot.

Superfeet Carbon Premium Pain Relief Insole

The insole is very much thin. The manufacturer claims it to be one of the thinnest insoles available in the market. They fit well with wide range of footwear. They fit even with non-removable factory insoles because of their thinness.
So, as the user, you will not have to fall in any kind of trouble while using the insole with multiple shoes. The insoles have the combination of the strength of carbon fiber along with super-light foam which has made the insole one of the most innovative and high-performance insoles ever. Like other insoles, it will not increase the weight of your leg. Hence, you will be able to walk comfortably without feeling additional weight because of inserting the flat feet insole. It is very much suitable for the athletes who need lightweight by high-performance insoles.

Best Insoles for Flat FeetClick Here

The insole has heel cup which stabilizes and support the foot. The function of the heel cup is very important because it positions the heel to naturally absorb the shock while walking or running. The impact of the falling arches badly affects the heel causing serious pain. But the heel cup can reduce the impact of the falling arches significantly making walking more comfortable. The super feet carbon pain relief insoles have the biomechanical shape which will reduce the stress on the feet, ankles, and knees. The biomechanical shape allows the insoles to fit in a wide range of footwear. So, you will be able to use the insole with multiple shoes without any problem.

Plantar Fasciitis Pain Relieving Orthotic Insole

The insoles are made of leather which makes the insoles more durable. So, you will not have to think of changing the insoles after a few months of uses. You will be able to use the insoles for a longer period of time without any wear and tear. Another advantage you will get from the plantar pain relieving orthotic insoles is the absorption of the sweat of the feet. When we walk or run, it causes our leg to sweat. The problem is common in the summer. If you have the habit of wearing socks it will add to the problem. As the insoles are made of leather, they will absorb the sweat resulting from walking or running.Best Insoles for Flat FeetClick Here

Most of the insoles, you see in the market, are not designed by experts. Hence, they are not able to provide the maximum benefit to the user. You also have to change them regularly because they deform after a certain period of time. But the plantar fasciitis pain relieving orthotic insoles are designed and recommended by the Podiatrist. As the insoles are designed by the experts, they are more effective than the other insoles. The insoles are very much cost effective as they are sold on Amazon. Hence, you will be able to save a lot of money while purchasing a quality solution for your flat feet problem. The use of these insoles will reduce your pain in ankle, heel, and knee naturally. Hence, you will be able to save money that you would have to pay to the doctors and for medicine.

Orthotics for Flat Feet by Samurai Insole

It is very important for everyone to be able to walk properly to lead a normal and quality life. Orthotics for Flat Feet by Samurai Insole can be the best solution for your flat feet problem because the insoles are customized for the falling arches in the feet. They are available for both medium arches and full arches in the feet. The samurai orthotic insoles are biomechanically designed to optimize the performance of the insoles. The biomechanically designed insoles have the capacity to naturally fit with the feet. Hence, it can control the feet arches to minimize pain and provide comfort to the user.Best Insoles for Flat FeetClick Here

The insoles contain polypropylene orthotic shell. Hence, the insoles are able to absorb the shock of impact activities. The company believes that most of its competitors call themselves orthotics without including any orthotic shell in their insoles. Hence, if you want to get the real comfort of the orthotic shell insoles, you must try out these insoles. The insoles are produced according to conventional sizes of shoes. Hence, you will not have to worry about whether the insoles will fit with your shoes or not. You will just have to remove the existing insole and replace with the Orthotics for Flat Feet Samurai insoles. While providing good quality insoles, the company is also offering 60 days money back guarantee. Hence, you will be able to return your purchased insoles within 60 days of purchase, if the insoles fail to satisfy your interest. So, do not hesitate to return if your do not like the insoles.

Footminders Comfort Orthotic Arch Support Insole

The Footminders Comfort Orthotic Arch Support Insoles are designed by the podiatrists for pain relieving arch support. The insoles are recommended by the podiatrists and chiropractors to relieve foot pain arising from medium and full feet arches. So, as the doctors prescribe these insoles, you can keep faith in their reliability and quality. The insoles can be used in wide range of shoes from sports shoes to formal shoes. If you are finding it difficult to carry on your regular work because of the flat feet problem, you should go for these insoles. The insoles contain biomechanical arches which will help you realign your body posture. They will also give you relief from all kinds lower body pin.Best Insoles for Flat FeetClick Here

To provide comfort, the insoles have to be lightweight. Footminders Comfort Orthotic Arch Support Insoles are very much lightweight. The insoles are made of dual layers firm EVA along with 2mm of the soft cushioning heel. These lightweight insoles will make your walking and running experience more enjoyable. Unlike the low-quality insoles available in the market, the Footminders insoles are also durable. You will not have to change the insoles every week because of firm EVA; the insoles can handle extreme shock for a longer period of time. Footminders Comfort Orthotic Arch Support Insoles have thousands of consumers all over the world which prove the acceptance and the effectiveness of the insoles. Had the insoles were not effective to provide comfort, the insoles would not have such huge customer base all over the world.

Superfeet Green Insoles

The super feet green insoles have the biomechanical shape which aligns the bones of the foot and helps to prevent the heel and ankle pain, plantar fasciitis, and knee stress. The insoles are also designed to prevent pain causing from the falling arches of the feet. The super feet insoles have stabilizer cap which forms the base of the insole. It supports the ankle and provides structure and stability for the foam layer. The cap of the insoles is designed perfectly so that the insoles fit in the user’s legs comfortably and the users can get the maximum benefit.Best Insoles for Flat FeetClick Here

The super feet green insoles have high-density foam layer which makes the insoles more comfortable for the users with falling arches in the leg. The foam supports and cushions the feet for long-term comfort. The foams are made of good quality synthetic materials which will be able to absorb shock while you walk or run. One of the features that make the insole different from other types of insoles is the deep heel cup. The hill cup is made deep so that the arches of the feet get the normal shape. Hence, the users having falling arches will get the maximum benefit out of the super feet green insoles. The insoles have a coating which prevents odor-causing bacteria from growing. The insoles are free from latex, nickel sulfate, and other preservatives which will keep the insoles fresh even if you use them for a longer period of time. So, you will not have to think of changing the insoles after a few uses.

Superfeet Black Insoles

Superfeet black insoles are designed to match with a wide range of footwear. As the insoles have a versatile design, you will be able to use them with all kinds of footwear such as formal and informal shoes. This feature of the super feet black insoles provide the users of the shoe a great deal of flexibility. It will also save your money because you will not have to purchase different insoles for the different brands of shoes. The insoles will fit in any footwear including tight fitting, and non-removable factory insoles.

Best Insoles for Flat FeetClick Here

The insoles have very high-density foam layers which can absorb shocks caused by intense activity including walking and running. There are two layers of foams in the super feet black insoles because one of the layers will provide comfort to the leg covering the falling arches and the other layer (The Lower Layer) will absorb shock protecting the insoles. The layers are made of good quality materials. Hence, the layers of foam will not shrink within a few uses.

The insoles have flexible low profile shape which will support the feet. This feature of the insoles will also protect the ankles and knees reducing stress on the feet. The structured hill cup and the biomechanical shape of the insoles make them perfect for any kind of footwear. As the insoles are made of materials free from latex and chemicals you will not face any odor problem arising from the use of the insoles. On the other hand, the insoles have natural coatings which will event the growth of the odor creating bacteria.

Spenco Total Original Insole

Spenco Total Original Insoles offer motion control and stability. In addition to providing motion control and stability, the Spenco insoles have Three POD modulation system. It is one of the unique features of the Spenco insoles which differentiate the insoles from other kinds of insoles available in the market. We have not seen the 3-POD modulation system in any other insoles. The system ensures the degree of hardness in the key areas of the insoles which will provide stability to your legs. The Spenco Total support insole will reduce over-pronation which is the common problem of feet and back pain.Best Insoles for Flat FeetClick Here

The Spenco insoles are ultra-light. Hence, it will not be a burden for your legs, if you use the insoles with your shoes. The insoles are designed to fit in any kind of shoes both formal and informal. As the Spenco insoles are thinner you will not have to bring out the original insole. So, both the Spenco and the original shoe insole will together provide your leg superior support. The insoles have Rigid Orthotic Arch Support for providing stability to your feet. It is more suitable for the people who need to do high-end activities like walking for long distances, running, and jogging. As the insoles have rigid arch support, your feet will not be able to cause any pain for the other parts of the body. There are insoles available for both mid-level and full arches. The insoles are also durable because they have been made with good quality materials which ensure durability. Like the leather insoles, the Spenco insoles will not create any bad odor.

Corefit Men’s Back Pain Relief

The insoles have about 98 percent positive customer feedback which is one the leading indicators of the effectiveness of the insoles. If the insoles failed to provide good performance, the customers would not have provided such good feedback to the insoles. So, the customer positive reviews about the insoles may help you to know more positive things of the insoles and make purchase decisions. The insoles are very effective for pain relief. You will be able to get rid of Plantar Fasciitis, Heel Spur, High Arch Pain and many other problems caused by the falling arches. The insoles are highly effective for both medium arches and full arches of feet.Best Insoles for Flat FeetClick Here

The insoles are designed such a way that they will be able to easily fit in your shoes. High-quality materials have been used in the parts of the insole which are responsible for bearing the weight of the legs. The insoles have deep heel cup which will accommodate your heel easily and put the heel in a comfortable position. It will ultimately provide the arches a normal shape. Good quality materials have been used in the production of the insoles which makes the insoles both odor free and durable. Hence, you will not have to think for replacement just after a few uses of the insoles. The insoles are Podiatrist approved since 1932. The insoles are also environment-friendly. The eco-friendly packaging system has been used in the packaging of the insoles. Hence, if you purchase the insoles, you will indirectly promote the eco-friendly business.

Sof Sole

Like other insole brands, the Sof sole does not provide the same insole for all the arch types of feet. Instead, the Sof sole provides different insoles for different arch types. It has 3 types of insoles for three types of arches. Hence, you will easily get your desired insole according to your foot type. It is one of the unique features of the Sof sole insoles. The heel cup of the insoles is about 65 durometer which will easily accommodate your heel and put the heel in comfortable position.Best Insoles for Flat Feet

Click Here

The insoles have about 40 durometers of foam in the forefoot which will help you to improve balance while fitting with the falling arches. So, in this way the insole will reduce pain related to the low arch problem. The insole for low arch has about 2.8 cm arch height which is very much ideal for the low arch types.

For neutral arch or the medium arch problems, there is 60 durometers foam in the heel and 40 durometers of foam in the forefeet. There is 3 cm arch height which is ideal for neutral arch types. For feet with full arch, the company has insoles having 3.3 cm of arch height with 55 durometers foam in the heel and 40 durometer foam in the forefoot.

Final Thoughts

So, when choosing the insoles, you must put emphasis on certain factors. The aspects you must try to look for include the materials by which the insoles have been made, whether the insoles are approved by the podiatrists or not, availability of the heel cup, biomechanical shape, and the bad odor prevention capability. You should also look for the insoles which will fit with your desired shoe. If you consider the above-mentioned factors, it will be easy for you to find out the right insole for your shoe. If you can find out insoles which fit with your shoes, it will certainly reduce pain arising from falling arches.

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