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5 Ways to Become A Faster Runner

Wouldn’t it be nice that you feel like you are soaring through the wind while running? Everyone wants to put more energy in their running so they can run faster and cover more distance in less time so they can achieve their goal in short time.

5 Ways to Become A Faster Runner

Usually, runners experience that how much they train they are not able to improve their speed and are stuck in completing their working session at one pace. The methods mentioned below will assist you in running faster during your running workout.

  • A Warm-Up Session

Make it your habit to do a warm-up session before every running session. Do some stretching exercises to make your muscle ready for the run. A warm-up session prevents injuries as well as makes it easy for you to move during your running workout. Stretching the muscles removes the stiffness in them and makes them flexible and relaxed before a run. With your muscle relaxed, you can reach your top speed quickly and won’t have your muscles hindering your movement.

  • Improve Your Breathing

If you don’t want your muscles to become lethargic, make sure that oxygen supply to your muscles is continuous and to a significant amount during your run. During your running session, your muscles require more oxygen then need while performing daily activities. Train yourself so you can breathe faster during your run. Exhale and inhale from both mouth and nose so you can get the maximum amount of oxygen in your body. Try to fill your stomach with air rather than your chest. As your muscles won’t feel any fatigue for a long time, you can run at faster pace and cover a long distance with ease.

  • Choose Hills for Training

If you want to increase the strength of your leg muscles and lungs, try to run on a hill. They are two methods to run on the hill. You can run with short but fast steps which are perfect for running a steeper hill while longer and faster steps can help you in running on a hill with a moderate slope. The first method will increase your strength and power while the second one helps you in increasing speed.

  • Add Variety to Your Trail

Follow the same path every time does not bring any changes to your gait pattern and there is a risk of you getting shin splints as your feet experiences the same impact force throughout the run. Running on grass, sand or up and down the hill will not only you to shift your weight, but you will also experience a change in directions. Running on the route that allows you to twist and turn, will help you in working on the muscles present in the legs, core, and feet which are ignored when you are running on a road.

  • Fuel-Up

Make sure that you are hydrated and taken calories in proper amount before heading out for a run. Empty stomach only leads getting exhausted quickly and does not help in weight loss. If you keep yourself hydrated and take required amount of calories, it will keep your muscles energized, and you can cover a longer distance and increased speed.

The tips mentioned above will help you in increasing your speed by fulfilling the needs of your muscles, so they are kept in perfect shape for your running session.

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