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I am Joshua Cobb from “SportsAcademic.Com“. I am forty-two years old. I have coached in college, Local leagues and High school across this country. I have vast experience as a college Rugby player, high school football coach, and youth basketball coordinator for ages. From my childhood, I am a sports lover. This is what I love and this is what I do. Throughout my college career, I have been mentored by some most successful and professional coaches of this country. For 15 years, I have been training and mentoring my students Basketball, baseball, and football.

As a professional sports coach and mentor, I use all the knowledge and skills that I have got from following coaches.

Chuk Amato: He was the defensive coordinator and coach of Hall of Fame player Deion Sanders, who is one of the greatest cornerbacks of all time of U.S.A history. Marty Galbraith of Tennessee Titans also trained me for 6 months. I also got the company of famous basketball coach Bernard Sandie who mentored AI Horford.

I Have Worked With These Following Schools:

I was the basketball coach of Viera high school from 2001 to 2003. There, under my guardians that school won a couple of local competitions. Then, I joined Titusville High school of Florida as a sports coach. There under my observation, they have won Basketball school premier league and Baseball School County. Else than, I worked with Florida Baseball youth club, Lemon Bay High school, and Palmetto Ridge high school.

The strengths that I bear override my weakness. The weakness that I identify in myself is the urge to help everyone and therefore, I hope to prioritize the greatest talents of mine. I’m working heart fully on the professional development that I have attained and hoping for the additional experience that is on their way. I’m determined to overcome my weaknesses and lead myself towards the best a professional possible.

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