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6 Best Field Hockey Sticks Reviews – To Improve Your Skill

Playing hockey is great fun. This game is helpful for both mind and the body. To play the game correctly, it is important to choose the right hockey stick. A few days ago, I was looking for a strong hockey stick with best features for my son.

But when I was looking for the best hockey stick, I discovered that it is so terrible for a person if he is a newbie in the sports. However, I found a lot of products with good quality. That is why I have decided to write the review about best products so that it becomes easy for anyone to choose the right one.

There are different products in the market and each one has different characteristic. Based on some basic requirement and some other features, I have selected top 6 hockey sticks that you can purchase from online.

6 Best Hockey Sticks Reviews

NoNameMy Rating
1.STRYK Burst Beginner Field Hockey Stick Package5.0
2.Grays Surf 500 20164.5
3.Dragonfly Mystique Sola Field Hockey Stick3.8
4.Grays Surf 500 Field Hockey Stick4.9
5.Grays GX1000 Composite Hockey Sticks4.3
6.Cranbarry Eagle Field Hockey Stick5.0

STRYK Burst Beginner Field Hockey Stick Package

You cannot play your favorite hockey game only with a hockey stick; you also need some necessary instruments for playing. If you want to purchase all necessary thing for the match under 100, you should go for this package. This is the best package for people who is new in this sport.

There is a wooden stick in this package which is made of highly durable material. 20mm bow and Midi head give the stick versatility to play without any hassle. This helps you to play in any position in the field. Without the stick, there is also a stick bag, first touch toe, shine guards with this package. Shine guards of this package ensure the best security and keep your ankle safe from any injury.


  • All necessary instrument in one package.
  • Comes with an affordable price.
  • Molded plastic Shine guards for the best protection.
  • The wood composition of the stick is light and durable.
  • You will also get a field hockey ball.
  • Comes with a 20mm bow that is ideal for all positions.
  • Easy to carry the bag with provided stick bag.


  • You cannot purchase only the stick of this package. Need to buy all things.
  • The stick is only suitable for the beginners.

Conclusion: If you are new in Hockey, this is the best package for you. No need to search for different products separately. With one order, you will get everything. The wooden material of the stick is great to provide long time service without any major issues. Highly recommended for any newbie.

Grays Surf 500 2016

If your budget is under 50 for best field hockey sticks, then you will find a bunch of products with a variety of features. But this one is one of the best stick that comes with excellent quality. This stick is suitable for any height.

This hockey stick is suitable for any younger player who wants to develop some skills. But, if you are a professional player, this one is not appropriate for you. The stick comes with a fiberglass reinforced mulberry wood construction. This reinforcement increases the strength and durability of the stick.

Also, this is a lightweight stick that you can carry in hand with less effort. Comes with a standard bow which is suitable to play in any position in the field. Moreover, this stick has a maxi toe for powerful drag-flicks and reverse stick control.


  • This is the best field hockey stick for the money.
  • Comes with a durable construction for the long life of it.
  • Easy to use in different positions.
  • Suitable for any newbie or professional for skill development.
  • Comfortable hand grip for smooth carrying and holding comfortably.
  • Lightweight design.
  • Stylish outlook.


  • This is not the ideal one for professional tournaments.
  • Only available in two different colors.

Conclusion: Grays is one of the best field hockey stick brand. They have initiated this stick for practicing. If you want to purchase the stick for your child, you should go for it. With a reasonable price, this stick has most of the features that everyone required. I recommend using this one only for practicing, don’t expect quality like a professional grade stick.

Dragonfly Mystique Sola Field Hockey Stick

Different field hockey sticks have low prices. If you are looking for a low budget stick, you can check this Dragonfly Mystique Sola Field Hockey Stick. It comes with affordable price. There are two different colors available of this hockey stick.

This stick is ideal for those people who is thinking to start the sport. It comes with a wood core construction. This wooden construction is good but not the top notch.

However, you can use this stick in any position. Comes with a comfortable grip that helps the user to stay healthy for a long time holding the stick. You will love the outlook of this stick. It comes with a fabulous graphic in it. Keeping the balance of this stick in an emergency is easy.


  • The price of the stick is affordable.
  • Best indoor field hockey stick.
  • This is a great stick for skill development.
  • Soft grip for comfortable feeling during the game.
  • Different height of this stick is available.


  • Wood quality of this hockey stick is not good as I expected.
  • Durability is not good at all.

Conclusion: If you are looking for a field hockey stick which you will use occasionally, you can select this one. But the construction quality of this one is not so good. Never try to use this one for a professional game. Customer feedbacks for this one are not satisfactory. So, I recommend purchasing any other model instead of this one.

Grays Surf 500 Field Hockey Stick

If you are looking for the best field hockey with the mid-level budget, this Grays Surf 500 will be a right choice. This is a great hockey stick for beginners. Also, you can use this one for some professional games.

This stick comes with excellent quality with durable and sturdy wooden construction. If you take care this one, you can use it for a long time without any hassle. Super thin and lightweight design is helpful to stay comfortable all the time with this one.

Main materials of this hockey stick are 35% carbon, 15% Kevlar, 50% fiberglass. This hockey stick is suitable for any gender. Also, comes in different sizes, so you can order the accurate one that you needed for playing.


  • Great wooden construction for the longevity.
  • Comfortable anti-slipping grip for better holding.
  • Lightweight and comes with high strength.
  • Comes with two different colors and great graphic on the stick.
  • Accurately balanced construction allows the user to use it in any position.
  • Suitable for both girls and boys.


  • This hockey stick is not appropriate for regular professional usages.

Conclusion: This is the best field hockey stick which comes with a price under 50. Though there are some other models of sticks available in the market with the same price, this one will provide you some extra features. Customer satisfaction about this stick is great. I strongly recommend this one if you want to use the stick for a long time.

Grays GX1000 Composite Hockey Sticks

There are different brands of field hockey sticks. But, if you want to purchase the stick from the best field hockey stick brand, then you should use Grays sticks. They produce best field hockey sticks for beginners. This GX1000 is one of the traditional models of them. If your budget is under 100, you should go for this one.

Main materials of this hockey stick are integrated Carbon, Aramid and Fiberglass composite. The fiberglass content makes sure that the user has the full control of the ball. You are going to love this stick a lot because of the durable construction.

This hockey stick comes with shock absorption. So, you will feel comfortable during the game. This stick comes with the IFA feature to absorb initial ball contact. Though it is recommended to use this stick only for beginners, you can also use it for professional games.


  • Lightweight design for hassle-free carrying without any pain in the wrist.
  • Well balanced construction to use the bat in different angles.
  • High-quality materials for durability of the stick.
  • Shock absorbing system to get the ball control.
  • Softer grip for a comfortable feeling in hand.
  • Different sizes are available.


  • It comes with a little bit high price.
  • Some customers don’t love its graphic.

Conclusion: Though the price of this GX1000 is comparatively high, you will love this one. It has designed for high strength. No matter if you are using this unit for a long time, you will remain comfortable with this hockey stick. Great one for skill development and some professional purposes.


If you want to purchase a stylish field hockey stick with a reasonable price, check this one. This one comes with a large construction for long time usage. Used highest grade raw materials to make this field hockey stick. So, you can use it for a long time without any pain.

This one has an anti-vibration feature. So, it is helpful for slap shots and drives. Well balanced throughout shaft and toe to keep the user comfortable during the game. This is a good one for skill development. If you are new to the sport, you can use this unit.

It comes with concept sports grip with ridges. This feature is helpful for a left-hand gripping smooth lower portion for right-hand sliding. If you need the best hockey stick for indoor games, you can go for it without any doubt.


  • Comes with excellent construction for the longevity.
  • Easy to use the stick in any position.
  • Beautiful graphic on the surface of this stick.
  • Comfortable and non-sliding grip for comfortable playing.
  • Comes with an affordable price.


  • There is no size variation for this hockey stick.
  • Not a professional grade field hockey stick.

Conclusion: Customer feedbacks for this hockey stick is good. Also, some customers are using this stick for a long time without any issues. I recommend this one for practicing the game.

What to Consider When Purchasing a Field Hockey Stick?

As I already mentioned that, there are different brands and different hockey sticks available in online. When you want to choose the right one for you, you should consider some major facts to win the deal. Here I am sharing some tips that you can follow when buying a hockey stick.

Material: The first thing that you need to consider about a hockey stick is the material. Most of the field hockey sticks are made of wooden materials. Some high-end sticks come with carbon fiber for lightweight and durability. If you are looking for best field hockey sticks for beginners, you can choose a wooden one. But, if you want to use the stick for professional games, try to choose a carbon constructed one for the durability.

Weight: A hockey player needs to carry the stick all the time during the game. So, it is necessary to choose a hockey stick that comes with lightweight. Lightweight means, you will feel less stress in your arms and wrist.

Length: If you want to avoid shoulder pain or back pain, it is vital to choose the stick with right height. Most of the sticks come in a variety of sizes. Choose the ideal one which will suit you.

Head Shape: To keep the control of the ball, it is necessary to choose a stick with the right head shape. Your performance hugely depends on this shape. So, pick a shape that allows the user to play in any angle.

Price: Price is important when you are looking for the best product. Before purchasing the stick, compare with some other models to make sure you are getting a good deal. If you want to use the hockey stick only for practicing and skill development, you can purchase a hockey stick even under 50. But professional hockey sticks come with a high price.

Final Verdict

If you want to avoid the hassle to check each and every feature of a hockey stick, you can choose any of the product from above list. All of them has some useful features and positive feedbacks from customers. They are best field hockey sticks with reasonable price. If you want more info in this review, let me know.



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