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Parkour Shoes – What Are The Best Parkour Shoes for You?

Good Parkour shoes are important for both safety and performance; on the other hand, shopping for Parkour shoes is clear that is not an easy task. A couple of producers makes committed Parkour shoes as they do with different games, so tracers are left to attempt and find appropriate footwear from a choice that was necessarily intended for an alternate reason.

Best Parkour Shoes

Naturally, numerous swing to shoes intended for running or trail running, however lamentably not every running shoe are necessarily useful for Parkour.

On the off chance that you are an apprentice, you won’t realize what elements are critical and what to pay special mind to. On the off chance that you are an accomplished professional, you won’t have room schedule-wise or cash to try out a huge amount of various shoes. This is the reason we have assembled a definitive purchaser’s guide for Parkour shoes.

How To Choose the Best Parkour Shoes?


The Onitsuka Tiger Eventual 81 shoes are broadly prescribed in the Parkour group and light of current circumstances. They are an astounding all-around entertainer and have no massive inadequacies. They are lightweight, have an excellent hold on about each surface, and are very tough. What the padding gave is not as much as that of a regular running shoe; the soles are thin and entirely delicate making them incredible for adjusting. Nevertheless, you will see the absence of stun assimilation if you are accustomed to utilizing bulkier shoes. Adaptability is great from the center of the shoe to the toes.


The heel of the shoe is much stiffer. Breathability and solace of the shoe are incredible. It ought to be noticed that the attack of these shoes is on the thin side. At the point when searching for a couple of shoes, different consideration ought to be paid to the development of the sole. More slender soles give more noteworthy affectability; this is imperative for adjusting and rail procedures. Nevertheless, more thin soled shoes commonly provide insignificant stun assimilation.


At last, any plastic pieces that are basic in curves of shoes ought to have stayed away from no matter what. They are exceptionally dangerous and let us be honest; everybody has terrible arrivals a few times. Coincidentally arriving on any plastic pieces can without much of prompt stretch wounds. The less weight is, the better. In any case, the tradeoff for truly lightweight shoes is typically stunning retention. It is critical to weigh what preparing you to do and your style of development to choose which choicely is ideal.

Top 5 Parkour Shoes Reviews – For Man & Woman

Here are some the mail Parker shoes types we have selected for you to make the decision for the perfect band.

Take Flight 1.0 Parkour & Training Shoe

Take Flight’s Training Shoes is designed to bring a handier shoe to the table. This allows it to succeed as one of the better free shoes on the market. The Take Flight’s Training Shoes has awesome support, great shifting, and the best grip you have ever experienced on a Parkour shoe or any all-purpose training shoe from any item. As you will see the new you use it, the Take Flight’s Training Shoes is truly something special.

A shoe designed by Adam Dunlap. The foremost experts on the shoes were Take Flight’s Training Shoes pro edition globally famous for example, Joey Adrian, Toby Segar, D’Ondrai Jones, Nikolay Statolik, Stefan Hinkelmann, Jonathan Tapp and Nathan Jones. A preliminary assessment was offered from David Belle.

Best Parkour Shoes

The biggest strength of Taking Flight’s Training Shoes is in the sole. Its sole is thick, healthy part of rubber that has lug styles made for improved gripping ability. This will make it much easier to range walls or grip onto metal surfaces and areas. The shoes themselves are relatively lightweight. You can discover less heavy shoes, but the Take Flight’s Training Shoes are lightweight enough for most newbies and innovative customers.

The external shape is where this shoe is different others. It is mostly synthetic mesh. This keeps the shoe lightweight and comfortable on you. Rubber protecting on the outside reduces the risk of things like nails and sticks puncturing the part of your shoes.

This option is the ideal option for those who may not be prepared to experience without shoe running. It does not have as much versatility as other shoes on this list, but the price and the grip make it excellent shoe tracers.

Key Features:

  • Superior exterior protection.
  • Sturdy design.
  • Amazing grip ability.
  • Relatively low cost.
  • Average durability.

Tiger Claw Feiyue Martial Arts Shoes – White/Black

When taking a long, hard look at this set of Tiger claw shoes, the first thing you will likely notice is the bit of material used to build the shoes. Because martial arts need the quick use of one’s legs, the appropriate shoes are often made very slim and lightweight. Changing to some less heavy shoes like this Tiger Claw can indeed confirm valuable.

Tiger Claw Feiyue are lightweight and portable, resilient, and soft.  A second guide to barefoot running shoes seems to be thinnest if you want to feel the barefoot shoes these most affordable, most basic huaraches. Both of those would get any newbie started off well. That is the variety shoe for Shaolin priests and experts for many kinds of martial art practice. It can be used for Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Taekwondo, and other martial art training. These are tremendous shoes that most of the customers surprised with the price and the best quality of this Tiger claw Feiyue martial art shoes.

Best Parkour Shoes

The grips on these shoes are quite regular when compared to other advanced-level shoes. While they will not have nearly the same level of grip like that of shoes, they will have much more than mesh shoes. Besides, although the bottoms are designed from rubber, the rubber itself is very slim and without any large lines usually added to regular shoes to add grip to whatever one may be running on. When you place a concave foot into the little bit convex bed offered by these shoes, the natural result is uncertainty. Based on your viewpoint, you may understand this as an additional training task, or an unnecessary hassle.

Key Features:

  • Simple, resilient material lace-up top and a cushioned yet lightweight sole.
  • Providing highest possible grip for greatest performance.
  • The stand is perfect for all martial arts styles.
  • The #1 shoe option for Shaolin priests and masters.

Martial Arts Top One Parkour Shoes

Are you planning to buy new shoes but not aware about the shoe brand symbolize the strength and resiliency. Shoes show stylishness in look and of West style, then, what else rather than Feiyue shoes. Everyone know that China is famous for its internationally branded shoes that are assembled in China, but a brand to call its own, that is incredible.

Feiyue shoes are those, which are available to every person these days, so so if your budget is less and want to purchase shoes for traveling then, Feiyue shoes are the best option. These shoes are very reasonable priced shoes. As they are not much costly, so they have previously been a vast success with Chinese young people. They prefer to all types of Chinese i.e. by politicians, university students to well-known Shoaling masters.

Best Parkour Shoes

Feiyue shoes have a canvas body with a sturdy, lightweight, and flexible rubber sole. These shoes can be used for any purpose like for indoor, outdoor, table tennis, Ping-Pong, tennis, for martial arts, Parkour, or casual street wear or even for the party also. Feiyue shoes specify a canvas body with a durable, light and portable, and flexible rubber sole. These flexible shoes are suitable for all ages and gender

Key Features:

  • They are appropriate for all ages and femininity.
  • Feiyue shoes s are very Comfortable in use.
  • Most trendy choose for hostile artists.
  • Shoes have a flexible rubber sole which makes them Durable and lightweight.
  • Impressive in look.
  • Flexible shoes are suitable for indoors and outdoors activities.
  • Excellent Shoe for the reasonable Price.
  • Available in all sizes.
  • Available in Black/White/Pure Black/Pure White color.

Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate 81 Fashion Sneaker

The Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate 81 fashion sneakers are not with the highest level of Parkour shoes, but they are some of the best shoes in the market. They have an unusual mixture of lightness, durability, grip, flexibility, and comfort that is tough to discover. The Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate 81 fashion sneakers are by far the best-looking shoes. The puma corporation Faas 500s can come close (in the right color), but the smooth lines of the Tigers, plus the range of colors mixtures it comes in.

Best Parkour Shoes


Other than that initial minimal irritation, they have zero problems. If you wear Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate 81 fashion sneakers for 14 hours of continuous walking and running, you feel no sores, chafing, or pain feelings. Therefore, having a pair of Onitsuka Tiger shoes, you will feel comfort and will extremely satisfied with Tigers shoes. You will feel no problems at all.

The Tiger’s grip is unique. Instead of an allegedly unique selection of pieces of rubber stuck to the bottom of the shoe, it is all one part of rubber (which is good) with single one grip design. The particular keep off the Tigers is not excellent, but it is strong. It is good enough that it will assist you getting up a wall, but not so unique that it will cover up zero technique.

At almost 10.5oz, the Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate 81 fashion sneakers are biggest shoes. That said, its individual a 2oz difference between Feiyues and Tigers or KO’s, and the tight yet comfortable way the shoe fit helps make the emotional weight of the shoe less than the real weight.

Key Features:

  • A classic sneaker with Tiger writing at high heel cup presenting gently cushioned training Imported.
  • Leather and Canvas.
  • Collar and tongue.
  • Rubber sole.
  • Two-tone EVA midsole with band systems at heel.
  • Signature faux leather overlay at quarter panel.

UNOW Chinese Traditional Cloth Kung Fu Shoes, Black

UNOW Chinese traditional cloth Kung Fu shoes have a vibrant lifestyle and historical record, is a characteristic associated with China lifestyle. 3,000 years of history shown that UNOW Chinese traditional cloth Kung Fu shoes are the best shoes for the whole human body. Now, the shoes are made by traditional art along with contemporary production techniques. They are durable, simplistic, flexible and comfortable. They are the best option for Kung Fu, martial arts, hip-hop, Parkour, Wushu, Tai Chi, rock, and others. They also set of casual shoes, suitable for indoor/outdoor use. The bottoms appear to be quite thick, and durable, and the flexible they utilized for the side/top places rock and extensive. If you need arch assistance or has over-pronation or under-pronation, and are intending to use these for a prolonged time interval, you might want to slide your preferred shoe places into them. Now, the shoes are made by traditional art along with contemporary production techniques.

The bottoms appear to be quite thick, and durable, and the flexible they utilized for the side/top places rock and extensive. If you need arch assistance or has over-pronation or under-pronation, and are intending to use these for a prolonged time interval, you might want to slide your preferred shoe places into them. Now, the shoes are made by traditional art along with contemporary production techniques.

Best Parkour Shoes

They are comfortable, soft, resilient, and flexible. No doubt, these shoes are the well-made considering price. They seem to be comfortable when you use them and do your Kung Fu workouts.  These UNOW Chinese traditional cloth Kung Fu shoes are very lightweight; the rubber bottoms give some grip but not too much

The roots appear to be quite thick, and durable, and the flexible they used for the side/top places. If you need arch assistance or has under-pronation or over-pronation, and are intending to use these for a long time, you might want to slide your preferred shoe places into them.

Key Features:

  • Old Beijing cloth shoes are Chinese traditional shoes.
  • Cloth higher, Rubber sole, Cotton coating.
  • Simple, comfortable, flexible and durable.
  • The best option for martial arts, hip-hop, Kung Fu, Tai chi, and other fashion adolescents.
  • Casual, suitable for indoor/outdoor use.


The Parkour shoes must be lightweight, excellent and best grip. Regardless of how great a specific shoe may be for Parkour, it is unessential if it does not fit your foot appropriately. Dishonorable estimating or shape can prompt an assortment of wounds that you would prefer not to need to manage. As an essential guide, legitimate fitting shoes ought to be cozy however agreeable.

Your foot spreads out amid effect and ought to have the space to do as such. The toe box ought not to squeeze your toes. Furthermore, the heel ought not to slip amid development. Harder elastic mixes will be sturdier yet, for the most part, give less grasp than gentler mixes. Single piece soles additionally have a tendency to be tougher as individual pieces have a propensity for being ripped off. Therefore, it is important to you purchase real Parkour Shoes. We powerfully recommend that you choose the kind and beautiful Parkour shoes.


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