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6 Best Parkour Shoes Reviews 2017 – With Pros & Cons

When we are doing sports, it is necessary to have a good support in the shoe. There are different brands of shoes with different products. Most of the company has sports shoes. But a few months ago, I was looking for something different. Actually, I was looking for some shoes that I can use for parkour.

I found some shoes that I can use for parkour. But then I realized it’s hard to find the best one without research. There were several products, and each one was claiming that is the best shoe. But after hours of researching, I finally got some shoes that are suitable for parkour. Now, I know what good parkour shoes are.

Here I am going to share the list that I have made to select the best one. With this list, I will also share my review about the product. Hope, after reading my article, you will be able to find your desired shoe for parkour.

Reviews and Ratings of Top 6 Parkour Shoes in 2017

NoNameMy Rating
1.Take Flight 1.0 Parkour & Training Shoe4.5
2.Tiger Claw Feiyue Martial Arts Shoes4.1
3.Martial Arts Top One Shoes for Parkour4.8
4.Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate 81 Fashion Sneaker4.9
5.UNOW Chinese Traditional Cloth Shoe for Parkour4.6
6.OSdream Canvas Kung Fu Shoes3.7

Take Flight 1.0 Parkour & Training Shoe

If your budget is under 100 and you are looking for the best parkour shoe, this will be a right choice. Take Flight 1.0 comes from a reputed shoe company Take Flight.

This shoe comes in a variety of size which suits with any feet. This one is so comfortable. You can use this shoe for parkour and other training. There is a dual removable insole in it for cushioning versatility. When you are jumping from somewhere high, you will stay safe about your feet because of the comfortable sole. I love this one because of great support on different surfaces.


  • Comes with an affordable price.
  • Highly durable shoe for a variety of surfaces.
  • Super comfortable for rigorous training.
  • Available in different sizes to fit with anyone.
  • Suitable for parkour and other difficult training.
  • High-quality material for long time usage.
  • Easily grips in rough surfaces.


  • I expected more wideness in this shoe.
  • Color option for this shoe is limited.

Conclusion: This pair of parkour shoe is using by some reputed professional Traceur. Most of the customer loved the comfortable feeling and support of this shoe. This one has designed to take care of the user’s feet. Also, you will find the best grip in this shoe to use in rails. When you have the great support of this shoe, you can give more concentration on your movement. I highly recommend this pair for professionals.

Tiger Claw Feiyue Martial Arts Shoes

If you are on a very tight budget for your new shoe, you can check this pair of shoes. This shoe comes with a comfortable sole.

You can use this shoe on different surfaces without any hassle. The best part of this shoe is, you can use them even on rough surfaces. Feels comfortable in long time usage. In some difficult training, need a perfect grip in the shoe. This one has a good grip to use in extreme terrains. Different sizes are available to fit any person.


  • Price is very low than any other parkour shoes.
  • Provide good support on hard surfaces.
  • Stretchable to save the feet.
  • Durable canvas to use it for a long time.
  • This pair provides maximum traction for ultimate performance.


  • There is no removable insole.
  • If you have wide feet, this one will not suit you.

Conclusion: This is a low budget parkour shoe. But only recommended for those people who is suffering from the budget. There are several issues in this shoe which you are not going to love at all. In wide feet, this one isn’t able to accommodate. The quality of the material is indigent. After some usages, sole and fabric become loose.

Martial Arts Top One Shoes for Parkour

This shoe comes from a reputed brand KungfuDirect. If are looking for a durable pair, you should purchase this item. You can use these shoes for Parkour, Wushu, Tai Chi, Kung Fu and some other sports.

You feel comfortable with it when doing some rigorous training. No matter if you are jumping from a higher place, the sole of the shoe will give a comfortable support. Also, in rough surfaces, this shoe grips very well and keep the user secure. I love this one a lot because of the comfort and durability. You can expect the best service from this pair.


  • Suitable for all ages and gender.
  • Lightweight and stretchable shoe.
  • Flexible rubber sole to provide good support in extreme terrains.
  • Appropriate for different indoor and outdoor games.
  • Best Parkour shoe for the money.


  • There is no variety for the width. So, you need to choose from the list.
  • Available in only one color.

Conclusion: I think if you liked the price, you should go for the deal. This is a great pair of shoes which give the best support on different surfaces. Also, you can use this pair for a variety of sports. That means, no need to order separate shoes for various sports. It comes with durability for long time use. Customer feedbacks for this one are also better than other models.

Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate 81 Fashion Sneaker

As I mentioned, there are different brands of sports shoes, Onitsuka Tiger is one of them. If you are looking for something exceptional, you can go for these shoes. It comes with excellent durability. If you use with a little bit of care, it will sustain for a long time.

This pair of parkour shoe is made of leather and fabric. This is a good combination for the durability. Comes with a rubber sole which provides great support to stay comfortable in extreme terrains. The thing you will love most about these shoes is, this comes with a stylish look. With different sports, you can also use this one for fashion.


  • Lightweight to feel comfortable for long time usage.
  • Durable construction.
  • A classic sneaker with Tiger lettering at heel cup.
  • Suitable for any age.
  • Two-tone EVA midsole with flex channels at heel.
  • Easily fits with wider feet.
  • Highly breathable to stay comfortable.


  • Price is a little bit higher.
  • A little too rounded shape.

Conclusion: This is a pro pair of shoes which you can use for a variety of purposes. Also, comes with high-quality material. So, you can easily use this pair for a long time. As air can passes easily in this shoe, so you will feel comfortable all the time. It provides enough support to ride in different areas. Also, your feet will stay safe when you are jumping in rails.

UNOW Chinese Traditional Cloth Shoe for Parkour

Are you suffering from a low budget? I have seen so many customers are asking in different forums, “what is the best cheapest shoe for parkour”. This is tough to get all necessary features with a low budget. But you can try this Chinese shoe pair.

This shoe pair is made of cloth. So, it will feel comfortable when you are using for a long time. Also, there is a good air passing system which will keep your feet cool and comfortable. Though the individual quality is not good as expected. This one is not able to provide the support in extreme terrains. Suitable to use for indoor and outdoor games.


  • One of the best low budget shoes for parkour.
  • Suitable for different sports too.
  • Comfortable for extended period usage.
  • Breathable to keep the feet comfortable.
  • Flexible fabric.


  • The durability of the shoe is indigent.
  • The sole is not appropriate to provide support for rigorous training.
  • Risky to use in the rails.

Conclusion: This is a low budget shoe for parkour. Though customer feedbacks for this product are good, most of them are using this shoe for some other sports. This one is not the perfect one for parkour. However, people who are suffering from price can go for it. But I recommend going for some high-end shoes if it is possible.

OSdream Canvas Kung Fu Shoes

This is a budget friendly option for those people who can’t afford some other high priced models. You can use this shoes for different sports including parkour.

The primary material of these shoes is canvas. It will feel comfortable when using for a long time. Also, the material is breathable. Provides maximum traction for ultimate performance with a padded yet light sole. But this pair is not so good to give support in case of rough surfaces.


  • Lightweight shoes.
  • Air permeability.
  • Suitable for jogging and other exercises.
  • Easily fit with feet.


  • Not stretchable in the hard training.
  • Material quality is poor.

Conclusion: I don’t recommend any person this pair. Instead of this, you can go for the above models. Because of the low price, quality of the material is terrible. Also, it is not designed for parkour. Rather you can use it for some other sports. Customer feedbacks are also not good as the above models.

Most Important Features to Look for Good Parkour Shoes


The first thing you need to check about a shoe pair is the sole. This is the main part of a shoe. Look for the construction quality of the sole. Some shoes come with the removable inner sole and stretchable outer sole. If you want to stay safe in rail techniques, try to choose a thinner sole. However, there are some problems with thinner soles. Usually, they have less ability for shock absorption.

There is commonly two type of sole’s in parkour shoes. They are plastic sole and rubber sole. The rubber sole is good for flexibility and the durability. But if you should avoid plastic soles. Usually, plastic soles are slippery, and there is a high risk of accidents.


Not only for parkour shoes, for any sports related shoe, try to select a lightweight shoe. This will give you a comfortable feeling in the long run. But there are some benefits of heavy shoes too. Shoes that come with heavy weight usually have more shock absorption. That is why you will see some high-end parkour shoes are coming with heavy weight. You can select a mid-level weight for good balance. It will help you for hassle free movement.

Inside Material

Material that uses for making the inside is also necessary. When you are choosing your shoe, make sure you are selecting a model which has breathable material. Otherwise, you will feel irritation in your feet. Some shoes have removable inner sole. This is a good thing because you can change them after some usages. However, most of the shoes don’t come with removable inner soles.


This depends on the material and your usages. If you are going to do a lot of difficult training with your shoes, try to choose something durable. It will cost you more. But you will stay secure for a long time. Canvas or fabric is the most common material for parkour shoes. But there are also some shoes that come with a combination of leather and fabric. They are more durable than others.


When you are going to use your shoe in some rough surfaces, it is highly necessary to have a perfect grip in the shoe. This will keep you safe in rail training and extreme terrains.

Final Verdict

There is no product in the market which is 100% perfect. So, it is necessary to make a balance between different features and price. Before choosing the shoe, make a list of your requirement. If you are purchasing a pair for your children to use in parkour training, don’t compromise with the quality. Here I have shared top 6 products based on different facts. Depending on your budget and requirement, you can purchase any of them.

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