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5 Best Shoes for Zumba Workout – Reviews for Boys & Girls

There are many types exercise shoes available in the market. It is very necessary to choose the right shoes for the right exercises. If you do not wear the right pair of shoes, the chances for leg related injuries will increase. When we refer any shoe for Zumba (a kind of aerobic exercise) we mean the sneakers. The sneakers are also known as the training shoes all over the world.

The sneakers are suitable for high-end activities in the short period of time. When we have to perform the Zumba or Cardio exercises, we have to perform a lot of activities or moves in a short period of time to increase the blood pressure and heat of the body. So, for performing Zumba or Cardio exercises the sneakers will be the good choice for you.

When we perform Zumba, our feet, ankles, and knee muscles are at high risk. So, to avoid the injuries, you should perform the high impact exercises with the shoes which are designed for performing such exercises. The sneakers for the Zumba shoes are meant for providing comfort to the feet while performing the exercises.

The Reasons Why You Should Wear the Zumba Shoes

In Zumba, there are about 11 types of exercises. The exercises differ significantly from one another. The level of intensity also increases with the increase in the levels. So, it is imperative to wear a good pair of shoe for the Zumba exercises.

So, if you are in confusion regarding the purchase of a different pair of shoe, you should ask yourself, would you drive your car in the rain or snow with the cheap tires which provide poor grip? Any sensible person will answer, no. So, in order to maximize your performance, you should go for the Zumba shoes available within your budget.

If you are exercising at your home, the shoe may not be needed. The shoe is also not required if you are performing the Zumba exercises at your local gym. The use of the Zumba shoes become necessary when are about to perform your exercises on a dance floor with the other members around you. In the dance floor, the Zumba shoes in very important because you have to maintain timing with the other members consistently. Here, we will discuss some other benefits of the Zumba shoes. Let’s have a look at them:

Get Rid of Pains and Avoid Accidents

If you wear the Zumba shoes, you will be able to avoid accidents while performing the exercises. The feet are more prone to injuries when we perform jump, lunge, or squat. We all know that these exercises are the integral parts of the Zumba exercises.

Hence, if you want to get rid of the problems related to feet, you should wear the Zumba shoes. If you work out barefoot or with poor quality shoes, your legs will be more prone to slipping which may cause serious damage to the skeleton of legs and also cause back injury. If your current pair of shoes fails to provide you the flexibility in the movement, it may lead to serious pain in the ankle or heel. The problem is even serious for the people having the flat feet or plantar fasciitis problems in the feet.

Maintain Posture and Balance

If you perform the exercises in poor posture, it will lead you to pain in the backbone. Poor posture will also make you look smaller while a good posture makes a short person look a few inches taller. On the other hand, if you fail to maintain proper balance while workouts, you may end up breaking your bones getting slipped or falling on the floor.

The main reason for the poor posture and the imbalance is wearing inferior quality shoes that are not meant for the purpose of high impact exercises. The Zumba shoes can certainly help you get rid of such problems. The Zumba shoes will improve your feet muscles providing you better balance while performing exercises. It will help you against accidents, slips, trips and other kinds of injuries.

Get The Most Out of Exercise

If you wear the poor quality shoes, you will not be able to perform your daily exercises effectively and efficiently. Hence, your productivity will go down. On the other hand, if you wear the Zumba shoes, they will certainly improve your productivity while performing the workouts. While exercising, you will not have to worry about your shoes and their quality. So, you will be able to concentrate fully on your workout performance.

Top 5 Recommended Shoes For Zumba Workout – Boys & Girls

Before purchasing the Zumba shoes, it is necessary to know about certain factors in mind. You should make some effort to know about the features of the shoes and what benefits you will receive from them. Let’s have a look at the top 5 physicians recommended shoes for Zumba. They are as follows:

Zumba Women’s Z1 Dance Shoe

The shoe is made of synthetic materials. The combination of synthetic materials and the fabric has been used in the design of the shoes. The shoe contains beautiful mesh design. The shoe has a brand design by the side of the shoe which makes the shoe look more attractive to the people.

The shoe contains rubber outsole which will help you to perform the Zumba dance workout smoothly maintain balance in the slippery dance floors. You will not have to lace up the shoe every time. Hence, you will be able to save much time and effort and use them in your workout.

The inside part of the shoe is fully cushioned which will provide you comfort at the time of high impact workouts. The shoe comes in only one color. Hence, you will not have to become confused in color choice.

Zumba Women’s Impact Max Dance Shoe

It is a premium looking shoe. The shoe has a unique design. It comes with 4 color options. Hence, if you are color choosy, this shoe will be the best option for you. The shoe comes in dark slate, white, black, and purple color.

The shoe contains marked rubber outsole. Hence, you will get a maximum grip while performing your Zumba dance. The outsole of the shoe is also very colorful. It contains Z-compress energy return system which will help your feet absorb the shock while performing high-impact workouts.

The Z-brace technology in the shoe helps the feet to perform high-energy dance moves comfortably. The shoe slides easily on any surface. The inside portion of the shoe has very comfortable cushioning.

The Dance socks-Sneaker Socks for Dancing on carpet

The shoe is not suitable one if you are about to perform your workout on the dance floor. It is suitable for the floor having carpet on it. The shoe is made of nylon spandex which can twist and turn in sneakers on the floors.

The shoe will reduce stress on the ankles, knees, and hips. The shoe is like socks having a weight of only 1 ounce. Hence, it is very lightweight which will reduce burden when you perform your Zumba dance. The shoe is very comfortable because it has no hard materials inside or outside the shoe.

You will get the maximum comfort while performing your dance workouts. The combination of white and black color has made the shoe look attractive to the potential buyers.

The Dance socks- Sneaker Socks for Dancing on Smooth Floors

It is a twist and turn shoe which will reduce stress on your ankles and knees. With the shoe and that socks, you will be able to perform that Salsa Dance, Swing Dance, Hip Hop dance, and Aerobics very easily and comfortably on the smooth floors.

So, you will not have to be worried about the slippery floors. The shoe is perfect for the smooth wooden surface. It is not eligible for that carpet and rubberized floors.

The shoe comes in one size only because the size will fit easily as the shoe will expand the size of the feet.

Zumba Fitness LLC Women’s Z Kickz Originals

The shoe is made of synthetic materials. It has very beautiful mesh design with the coverage of rubber in the upper front portion of the shoe.

The rubber outsole of the shoe will help you to perform your daily workout in both the wooden smooth floors and carpets.

The shoe contains Nylon Ripstop shell which makes the shoe durable. The inside portion of the shoe is fully cushioned. Hence, you will not face the problem like blisters after intense workouts.

Things to Consider Before Choosing the Best Shoes for Zumba Workout

Wouldn’t it be nice instead of doing intense training exercises, you can dance your way into losing weight. Zumba workout is a mixture of different dance moves such as cumbia, salsa, merengue, mambo, flamenco, etc. with various exercise poses such as squats and lunges.

In other words, you have to dance to reduce body fat and strengthen your muscles.  You don’t need to be an expert in dancing to perform positions related to Zumba.  Zumba targets every muscle in your body and is suitable for all age groups.

Like every other workout, Zumba training session requires your feet to be in perfect shape. Feet should be your top priority.  They need to comfortable and supported so you could perform Zumba steps without facing any hindrance. You need a particular type of shoes for Zumba session as you cannot wear running shoes as they don’t have pivot points and split soles.

Furthermore, you do not wear pumps when you go for hiking so why would you select shoes which are not made up of Zumba workout. You can also perform these exercises barefoot, but it might cause plantar fasciitis as you have to stand on hard surfaces such as tiled-floor. Certain characteristics have to be kept in mind while selecting shoes for Zumba workout. Some of them are listed below.

Choose Size that Fits You

Choosing the right size is essential for the comfort of your feet. A shoe should hold your feet in right place and should not strangle your feet due to its small size causing blisters or let your feet move freely due to its large size. Large size shoes would not allow your feet to have proper grip so you could easily get injuries such as ankle sprain or back injuries.

A right size shoe should only allow 0.5-inch breathable space between shoes and feet. If you think that breaking in would cause small size shoes too snug your feet, then you are wrong. If they feel tight, don’t by them even though you are in love with its design and colors. Even if you know your foot size, still try on shoes which you have chosen to buy. Some shoes such Asics Zumba sneakers are narrow so your regular size would feel tight to your feet. You need to buy one size bigger than your original size to make sure they fit your feet perfectly.

Shoes Should Not Restrain Your Movement

Each step you take during Zumba workout requires support from your shoes, so you don’t lose your footing. You need to proper posture and balance to rapidly change the position correctly. If your shoes don’t support your feet during Zumba training session, you might slip or trip which may cause ankles sprain or severe skeletal or back injury.

Shoes with high-quality rubber soles are known to provide excellent support during each posture of Zumba exercise. Another thing that you have to keep in mind is that your shoes should flexible. They should allow you to perform steps swiftly without restraining your feet. You should choose the shoes with split sole as they allow the front and back of the shoes to move without depending on each other giving you more flexibility.

Another thing you should focus on is that shoes should be lightweight. An ideal shoe weighs less than two lbs. Heavy footwear will hinder your movements as you have to spend more energy in lifting your foot.  Lightweight will allow you to move freely without any restraints.


When you exercise, you sweat to keep your body temperature normal. Sweat is an ideal source of losing fat but sweat might cause harm to a closed part of the body. As your feet are enclosed in shoes, there is little space for fresh air to enter, so sweat is free to encourage the growth of bacteria and fungus.

To prevent this from happening, choose with designs which allow fresh air to enter in your shoes, so your feet do not become a victim of microorganisms. Breathable mesh models or shoes with vent system are perfect for your feet as they will allow air to enter in the shoe, so your sweat is dried off quickly.

Arch Support

Your shoes should be designed in such a way that they should support your arch. Everyone has a different arch. Some have a lower arch; others have medium arch while few have an arch that is high. As you have to do Zumba sessions for more than an hour, arch support is necessary to support your feet, so you don’t experience any pain.

If you do not choose footwear which gives proper support to your arch, you may develop plantar fasciitis. People who don’t have any arch or in other words are flat feet should choose shoes which fulfill their need. Boost DRT Mesh Sneakers are ideal for individuals who have flat feet, and they don’t have to think twice when to apply for Zumba classes.

Another thing that you could do is choose the shoes which have removable soles or have enough space for an insole. You can insert an insole in your shoes which support your arch and will keep your feet comfortable during the time you spend on training.

Shock Absorbent

Another important thing is that your shoes should absorb the impact that your feet makes with the ground. When you are performing Zumba exercises, your feet will make an impact on the ground which might cause foot injuries. Your footwear should cushion enough to absorb the shock made between foot and ground.

Shoes with Gel cushioning system are ideal for absorbing shock made during your feet making contact with the floor without causing harm to your feet. ASICS Gel-Harmony comes with gel cushioning system which will absorb impact caused between feet and the floor.

Keep in mind that shoes are made to keep your feet comfortable during Zumba workout so you should choose shoes which by keeping your feet safe will also protect your body.

Always make your feet your priority. If they are not in proper health, you won’t be able to perform Zumba exercises correctly.

Final Thoughts

So, if you want to find out the right Zumba shoes for your feet, you must consider certain factors before making the purchase.

The things you should consider include the materials with which the shoe is made of, the design of the shoe, availability of rubber insole or outsole, availability of smooth cushioning inside the shoe, shoe liner, and that availability of nylon ripstop shell. If you consider the above factors, you will certainly be able to find out the right pair of shoe.


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