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Best Softball Bats – Top 5 Slowpitch & Fastpitch Softball Bats Reviews

Softball is an alternative of baseball, which played on a smaller field with a larger ball. In 1887, it was invented in as an indoor game in Chicago. I would like to say a most important thing about softball that is it was at different times known as kitten ball, softball, playground, mush ball, and indoor baseball, for the reason that it was also played by ladies, women’ baseball.

Best Softball Bat

In 1926 the name softball was given. In 1933, a tournament held at the Chicago. There are three sorts of softball. It is clear that in these days there are numerous players of softball and many tournaments held every year all over the world.

Softball is such an important and sensational sport. For every age group’s people who play softball, the most common and important thing is to choose the right bat. There are various products available related to this category but is not so easy to choose the right product. Products can differ in different terms like size, material and the most important in the price of the product that varies.

How to Choose the Best Softball Bat:

There are three most important things to consider when you are going to choose a softball bat and these things are: length, weight, drop, Barrel and Handle.


The measurement of the length should be taken from the barrel to the knob. Touch the knob to the middle of your chest and place the barrel facing outwards to your fingertips. If the endpoint of your bat is touchable to fingertips, you can consider your bat as the best size. The length of a bat is a imperative factor so, which is out from the fingers is too long and if it is not reachable to the endpoint for the finger is consider as too short. There are outlines accessible on the web and at most donning great stores for players five years and more established.

Gage your bat length by your stature and weight. Check online for accessible graphs and counsel your nearby wearing great stores to decide the perfect bat for your tallness and weight. Assess the separation to your wrist. Remain with your arms next to you and your feet together. A bat with the right length remaining on its end ought to reach to your wrist.


Its weight depends on your physique. The weight is bat should be comfortable to swing and easy to lift. The heavy weighted bat may create problems as characteristically drop your stroke when you were trying to make a stroke in upside angle.

You will get the advantages of both the weight of the bat and the force of your swing. I would like to say that pick of the bat measuring 28 ounces or less in case you’re a littler player with less quality. Picking a lighter bat will empower you to have more control of your swing and swing the bat faster.


The variance between the weight and length of the bat is known as the drop.  Lower the, heavier will be the bat. The lighter bat is considered when the drop is high. There are few rules to check the certain quantity of dropping a softball bat. You have to balance a bat which has purchased with a low drop which can help you in a fast and quick swing.


The barrel is that part which we use to stroke a ball. You will get several results according to the material of the bat. This part is responsible for the energetic shots and sends the ball to the perfect destination.


This part is self-explanatory; the main factor to consider is the shock during the stroke. Sometimes a bad vibration you feel in your hands after a stroke. Therefore, it is vital to choose bat with a perfect shape and design of a bat handle to avoid the unnecessary sensation.

Top 5 Slowpitch & Fastpitch Softball Bats Reviews

There are some of the products, which are recommended.

Easton FS50 Fastpitch Softball Bat

This bat is made from strong aluminum alloy. Easton FS50 Fastpitch Bat is a perfect choice for Beginners and youth players. It is designed with a lightweight feature. This is a kind of interesting game. There are some awesome features of Easton FS50 Fastpitch Bat.

Best Softball Bat

This bat has an evenly balanced weight. It is also provided with the warranty. Its speed brigade will give you the faster swing and more speed. It has thin handle provided with cushion grip to handle it with ease.

Main features:

It is clear that many people use this softball bat. The qualities of Easton FS50 Fastpitch Softball Bat include:

  • Durable aluminum alloy.
  • 2A1/4″ barrel.
  • 1-Year Warranty (Limited).
  • 31/32″ handle with All Sports grip.

The detail of product includes:

  • Shipping Weight: 3 pounds.
  • ASIN: B012CQ0UFY.
  • Domestic Shipping: Item can be shipped within U.S.
  • Average Customer Review: 4.3 out of 5 stars.
  • Item model number: 8033717-P.

I like this for my softball playing the little girl, and there is not ball saying on it. The mentor for her group at the time was likewise inspired since the majority of other young ladies were buying t-ball bats. Pink is shading related with young girl control as a rule; however, with athletic hardware, you don’t need things to appear to be excessively girlie or dainty. In any case, this is an incredibly appealing and charming bat that my eight-year-old utilized for her first time playing softball.

Easton MAKO 11 Fastpitch Softball Bat

This bat is made up of aluminum alloy to fasten the swing speed. It has end cap to grip the handle. This is a sport which gives a player strength and power to the youth. It can be used to play in leisure. It is an ultra-thin bat with cushioned grip to handle it with comfort. It is suitable for the beginners to play with great comfort. The best technology has been used in this bat’s manufacturing to give it a balanced design. This has given lightweight to have the higher level of hitting the ball by the expert players. Its barrel diameter is according to the length and weight ratio. It’s a simple sport by appearance, but it needs knowledge of playing with it properly.

Best Softball Bat

Easton Youth Mako is no doubt a fast pitch bat and the power and execution of this bat for youth fast pitch players can encounter by the power and execution of a major barrel with this fast pitch bat, developed of solid aluminum combination for a quick swing speed. The aluminum combination with end top all games holds handle. It is a decent bat. Simply ensure you get a more drawn out one. I got a 27inch for my eight-year-old. For a 13-year-old, I would go 30-31inch depending how solid of a swinger. Longer will be heavier. Trust that makes a difference.

Key Features

  • ASIN: B012CRA2TC.
  • Shipping Weight: 3 pounds.
  • Domestic Shipping: you can ship this item within U.S.
  • Average Customer Review: 4.1 out of 5 stars.
  • Item model number: 8033683-P.

DeMarini 2014 Bustos WTDXBFP Fastpitch Softball Bat (-13)

DeMarini is the best product, which meets the 1.20 BPF standards. It is also an approved product for various associations: ISF, NSA, USSSA, ISA and ASA. This product is meeting all the requirements of the player because it is the quality product with a wide research. All the features of this bat are designed by using the advanced technology to make it the best choice to win the game by showing the greater ability to stroke the ball.

Best Softball Bat

It is an aluminum bat. This is an exceptionally lightweight bat. It relies on upon what you in search of yet my seventh grader players to play fast pitch softball discovered it too light and changed to a heavier weight. Trust this will help you with your choice. According to my point of view, this is one of the most significant bats for softball players.

It is a good softball bat for the reason that the many players like this bat. The qualities of DeMarini 2016 Uprising Fastpitch Softball Bat include:

Key Features

  • The handle of this bat is reinforced with fiber which is useful to reduce vibration.
  • For amazing comfort to holding this grip is designed in 2 parts.
  • The surety for the long life is the alloy used in it is DX1 which also provide a perfect strength and fracture toughness.
  • A numerical system’s index for rotation is also provided here to rotate the bat for long life.
  • Its weight is 2.5 pounds approx.

DeMarini 2016 Uprising Fastpitch Softball Bat

This is the bat, which makes all the swings light and gives the experience of pleasure to play with it. This is made to play in all the weather. It is available in all the sizes as per the requirements of the players. No stings or vibrations are there in this bat. Its price is affordable for most of the players. It is an aluminum bat.

Best Softball Bat

This is an exceptionally lightweight bat. It relies on upon what you are searching for yet my seventh grader who plays fast pitch softball discovered it lightweight and it changed to a heavier weight. Trust this will help you with your choice. According to my point of view, this is one of the most significant bats for softball players.

If you do not want to spend most of the money to buy the softball bat, so this is the best choice for you. Some features are given below.

Key Features

  • It has a hybrid performance grip.
  • It is 100 percent composite bat. And is durable too.
  • There is a variety of length according to the players.
  • Balanced swing weight to give the player a kind of comfort while playing.
  • The barrel and handle are of standard sizes.

Easton SP14S500 S500 Slowpitch Softball Bat

Its aircraft alloy gives the bat a fast swing speed.  This is the most durable of the softball bats and it is long lasting. This bat gives the optimal performance at any stage of playing. It has the balanced weight distribution to give the bat a unique experience to play with. Its tapered handle and the grip give the players comfort durability in all swings. This provides you the surety to elevate the performances of the players.7050 Aluminum Alloy offers players warmth that no one has experienced before while playing softball. This is also provided with the manufacturer’s warranty.

Best Softball Bat

The Speed Brigade S300 is built with a strong aluminum combination, which gives the hitter a light swing weight while keeping up an awesome sweet spot for ideal execution at any level of play. Good bat for the more seasoned player. Useful for fair hits and you would not hit homers with this bat. Some features of the bat are mentioned here.

Key Features

  • The barrel is 12 Inch long.
  • Aircraft Alloy is used as the material.
  • This is Ultra-thin bat, which is easy to handle.
  • It gives faster speed swing.
  • It is durable.
  • The tapered handle is in 29/32 Inch.
  • It has balanced weight distribution.
  • Provides warranty.


According to my point of view, choosing the best softball bat is a difficult procedure for the reason that there are numerous bats available in the market. You can choose best softball bat with different steps such as determine what bat length fits your body, determine the weight of softball bat, and choose a material for your softball bat. Some of the softball bats given for the buyers to select and analyze all the products fully as all the products are provided with the detailed information about their features and designs.

It depends on the buyers’ requirements that what kind of bat they want, what are the requirements of their body, what is the range of their comfort, which kind of hitters they are and so on. After selecting the desired sport, you are ready to enjoy the playing with your kinds of strokes. For the beginners, it is the best way to choose their comfort level online rather than searching in the sports shops.



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