Body Champ Power Tower Reviews – Pros & Cons

A Body Champ Power Tower is a piece of training equipment that allows you to carry out body weight workouts which need that you be gripping a support or suspended from the ground. They come in some models, but they all feature a pull-up/chin-up bar.

Another excellent home gym option with Body Champ Power Tower offers five different exercise sections. This does consist of comfort and ease angled forearm pads to help reduce the pressure on your shoulder area. The single thing that you might discover with this equipment is that it is a little bit shaky when you are doing take-ups so if you are looking for something more resilient it is value spending the other cash.

It has five exercise channels to do chin-ups, extensive and close grip knee raises, dips and pull-ups. The dip controls pressure over the regular arm pads. The system is cool because it units out in opposite guidelines to ensure it is more constant.

Key Features

There are many features related to Body Champ Power Tower, we will discuss few of them here.

Build Quality

This power tower has a simple design that provides a strong, basic and efficient exercise. The top high-quality steel frame gives you five channels, and the top high-quality froth keeps offer comfort while reducing force on your knee parts and muscles. The pull-down handles, allow you to get a good grip while used the VKR place and then to reduce them for triceps muscles dips.

With the heavy-duty steel frame, you are capable of doing effective exercise. Cushioning is covered in pebbled faux-leather with adorned sewing. The item suits together easily, and the screws grip the individual elements in place safely.


The Body Champ functions a D system design to improve hardness. The take-up bar has froth keeps and an angled extensive grip to allow you to hit your lats from a variety of perspectives. Raised force up cafes gives you the opportunity to go deep on an excellent chest exercise. Set up is a real wind and the equipment keeps together very perfectly. The only notices I have for anyone are that there is a bit of a move when you are using this for push-ups. Seems like if you are over that weight the equipment would flip in on itself. Besides, I would not use this with any loads on it with it being a more affordable equipment.

Value for Money

The Body Champ Power Tower is available in budget friendly price. This places it at the reduced end of the systems we have analyzed, though still not as affordable as the Stamina Power Tower. Nevertheless, the Body Champ Power Tower offers an elbow and back support prepare for ab exercise work, but this feature does not available in the Body Champ Power Tower.  A small equipment has safety feet to maintain your floor continues to be unblemished. All cushions are knee sewed to offer additional strength.

Setup & Installation

The other thing about this equipment that is important to note is that it is quite simple to setup and you can use this whether you are a professional sportsman or just looking to keep fit.  Just ensure you follow the guidelines in depth, so you do not skip any steps. Putting in the take-up bar last does a level of a bit of strength to advance it in, so the second pair of hands would help you to complete it off.

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  • Heavy responsibility steel frame.
  • Elevated force up bars.
  • Durable, knee sewed cushions.


  • Unstable when doing dips.


Question: Is the item durable?

Answer: Yes, it is made with top high-quality steel ensure it is resilient.

Question: Is this equipment simple to use?

Answer: Yes, you use it efficiently


A Power Tower will allow you to improve your body weight exercise options to add such body weight large players as pull-ups, dips, and hanging increases. You will also have a resilient platform from which to connect bands. If you are a search of a fantastic option to our past options then you can check this one out but just keep in mind is not a resilient is some of our other options but if you are looking to try out the ability Frame then you will discover this good value a look!


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