Body Vision PT600 Power Tower Reviews – Pros & Cons

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Body Vision PT600 power tower will provide you with a variety of different workouts that you will be able to use for your applications and your breasts, and the primary ones are a Chin area up all pull-up place, and it also gives you a choice of having an inside or wide grip. You will also get a place for straight joint increases and the dipping place for breasts strength.

Key Features

We have selected some most important features for you tin this article:

Padded to Provide Comfort

It is miserable and annoying if your home gym machines affect your movement you somewhere within your whole body. You will find not such problem with the Body Vision PT600 power tower as it has an ergonomic design and is well padded. These features ensure that the returning and arms are well supported while you are performing high-intensity workouts or body building.


It is no doubt that the Body Vision PT600 has the choice of giving its user the freedom to do an overabundance of workouts. It has five exercising channels and helps to strengthen your muscles the most. It is also very intense and gives a great getting fitter to the triceps, biceps, abs, shoulder, back and the quadriceps as well.


The grips on the bar are height adjustable and may be used as push up bars. Furthermore, these grips are slipping 100 % free, so there is no need to worry about dipping off in the center of training. The frame also provides pads on the back for convenience during workouts. In addition, the frame is quite easy to put together and may be placed almost anywhere in your home that may take the weight. It is sturdy and constant if users weigh a maximum of 250 pounds, and there is little risk of it breaking or dipping off.

Wide variety of exercise

The Body Vision power tower frame provides some workouts that target the top and lower whole body. It is currently one of the top-selling pull-up channels on the market, and as a freestanding frame, it is great for workouts at home because there is no need for additional machines. The multi-grip chin area and pull-up bar allow for excellent breasts exercise that objective the back and arms. Additionally, the dip station part of the frame permits a leg raise choice to exercise the quadriceps and abdominal muscles while a simple access bar does not have this choice.

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  • Easy to move around between workouts if needed.
  • Comfortable padding.
  • Sturdy design.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • No long lasting accessories required.
  • Excellent extension for anyone interested in the P90X program.


  • Head in touch with the access bar when performing dips.
  • Minor move in the frame when performing dips.


Question: What are the dimensions? What is the size of the access bar to ground?

Answer: 57.5L x 42.5W x 84.63H inches.

Question: The top bar is only a few inches wide reduced. Therefore, it is 80″ approximately.

Answer: It works well for 6’7″ height.

Question: The pull-up bar looks slim. Is the size really only 1 inch?

Answer: It is thick enough to grip my 175 lbs and is worthwhile very strong.


No doubt, Body Vision PT600 Power Tower is the best equipment for your gym at your home. Now you can pick up the Body Vision PT600 Power Tower from for an excellent price, so this is value looking at and will provide you a good very flexible power Tower. The Body Vision PT600 Power Tower provides a reliable and smooth way to carry out dips, pull-ups, push-ups, and more, without the need for any long lasting fixings or specific entry size.

All channels have padded handles that reduced the risk of injuries while its durable base sets up easily on all kinds of areas. Whether you have linoleum, rug, or wood flooring surfaces, you will never have to worry about scrapes and or balance issues with an innovative Body Vision PT600 power frame in hand.


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