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Top 5 Helpful Bodyweight Exercises for Strong Back

Bodyweight exercises are the perfect option for not only losing weight but also to develop stronger muscles. As fewer types of equipment are required for these exercises, you could perform them anywhere. You could use bed post, bench or a high wall to do most of the bodyweight exercises successfully.

Bodyweight Exercises for Strong Back

Usually, you only need your weight to carry out these activities. The best thing about bodyweight exercises is that you need to take a break for a short period between exercises as you do not require heavy machinery during a workout. You could achieve your desirable goal in a short time.

Training your back muscles is as important as training any other muscle of your body. The workout which focuses on back muscles also targets triceps, biceps, forearm, shoulders and core muscles. These exercises give a perfect shape to your body by making your back look wider which makes your hips and waist look slimmer. The back muscles are the biggest group of muscles after the leg muscles in your body so the strength of your body would automatically increase if you work on them.

Many muscles are required to perform these exercises, so it also helps in weight loss. If you train your back muscles, you will be able to carry out other exercises which target other body parts quickly. You don’t have to practice for a long time for you to able to perform those workouts correctly.

Nowadays, most of the people include sitting in front of television, computer or at work for hours as daily part of their schedule. Due to this most, the people tend to develop bad posture and spinal health problems. If you train your back, it will help you in developing balance, curing your posture problems and will also make sure to prevent injuries to your spine

Even though weight lifting could also be used to make your back muscles stronger but professional body builder choose bodyweight exercises to strengthen their back. Most of the bodyweight back workout requires pull-up bar or something which could be used for hanging while weightlifting requires specialized equipment like barbell and weights. Bodyweight training affects the upper back muscles better than the weightlifting through its rods, muscle-up, different ring routine, and climbing.

Some of the most effective bodyweight exercises for the back are mentioned below:

Bodyweight Exercises for Strong Back

  • Pull-ups

Pull-ups are useful in strengthening and increasing the flexibility of your upper back muscles. They are most convenient exercise as you only need something from which you could hang from. To perform, you could use rings, bars, wall, etc. You only need to pull your body using both or one hand upwards. To work different muscles of your body, different kind of pull-ups has been introduced by trainers such as tornado pull-ups, skin the cat, the L pull-ups, etc.

To perform a tornado pull-up, you need to pull-up your body till your forehead is parallel with the bar. Place at a ninety-degree angle and bring your left knee to touch your right elbow. Skin the cat is carried out when you make a tuck position during the pull-up and rotate your body to create a 360-degree rotation. Raise and extend your legs until they are parallel to the ground and then perform a pull-up while keeping your legs in the same position mentioned before. This is called L pull-ups. You could also perform pull-ups by using one hand, or you could use the rope to climb some heights.

  • Dolphin Kick

Place your head down on the bench and your hips at the end of it, so your legs are in the air. Your feet should be put on the ground and hands should be the gripping underside of the bench for the support. Raise your feet above the ground and hold that position for five seconds. Your toes should be pointing away from your body. This exercise is effective on abdominals, glutes, hips and spinal erectors which are part of your lower back. If you are new to bodyweight exercises, you could move your hips further up the bench for better support.

  • Superman

As the name suggests, this exercise is going to strengthen your back like steel. Lie face down in such a way that your chin is touching the ground. Your ankles should also be touching the ground. Extend your arms above the shoulder and your palms should be facing the ground. Use your back, glutes and shoulders to pull your legs and arm off the ground. In order words, you have to imagine that you are flying in the sky like Superman. Keep that position for fifteen to thirty seconds and then return to original position.

  • Nose and Toes against the Wall

Place your feet up the wall while hands should be on the floor with the shoulder-width distance between then. Move your feet up the wall while keeping your core and hips tight and your spine neutral. Also move your hands towards the walls while moving your feet up the wall. Stop moving when your nose touches the wall. Try to hold that position for fifteen to thirty seconds and then move your body into initial position.

If you are a beginner, start with standing with your back against the wall and your feet shoulder-width apart. Place your hand on the floor while bending your knees. Move your hand towards your feet. This will provide you a good stretch making your back healthy.

  • Elbow Lever

Beginners should use a bench to perform this exercise. Hold the bench with your hands and place your legs with some distance between them. Your elbows should touch your lower abdomen. Lift the legs in the air till they are parallel to the ground. Bring the legs together and hold the position. If you get used to it, use a bar to perform this exercise. If you get comfortable with bar, hold the bar with one hand and extending the other hand above your head.

If you are deciding to move to a new place, your strong back will help you carry the furniture which you need without causing any trouble. A strong back will help you in carrying out different activities without any pain and injuries. These exercises will ensure that your back muscles become stronger and would be able to improve your posture.

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