Champion Women’s Gusto Runner Reviews – Pros & Cons

Are you looking for running shoes which are perfect for running as well as during performing errands at an affordable price then you Champion Women’s Gusto Runner are ideal for you. These shoes are an excellent example for multi-purpose shoes.

They not only make your feet look good with their various colors, but they also provide your feet with relaxation when you are doing chores or doing some exercise. These shoes will keep your feet safe from exhaustion whether you are shopping in a mall or running on a trail. Where ever you, these shoes are there to give your feet a trendy look and also to make feet feel relaxed.


The primary material that is used to make these shoes is fabric. Fabric not only provides comfort to your feet, but it is also easily washable. Its soft material cushions your feet.

Memory Foam Insole is placed inside the shoes, to alleviate the convenience experienced by your feet. Breathable Mesh helps in preventing your feet from becoming sweaty. It protects your feet from bacteria which produces a bad odor.

Even feet needs some fresh air. Outsoles protect your feet from any dampness while you are running or doing any housework. Flexible and lightweight outsoles make it easy to for you to your daily chores or exercise without feeling any pain. Lightweight outsoles make it easy for you to move around.

Soft lining prevents your feet from feeling any irritation. Laces help you in adjusting your feet easily in the shoe. They come in different colors which give your feet a pleasing, unique look.

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Customer’s Feedback from Amazon

The positive reviews of the customers have made it an average rating of this product to be 4.0 (more or less). Most of the customers find it perfect for running on the trail and doing some housework. Whether you want to cook, do car pooling, run to a mall, etc., these shoes have become the first choice for the customers.

Customers found them both comfortable and beautiful. Clients who work for almost ten hours a day find them supportive. One of the customers believes that manufacturers have found a perfect formula in which they made these shoes lightweight and thin without compromising on cushioning and arch support. Customers had no problem with its size. They did not find them too narrow or too wide.


  • These shoes are ideal for both chores and running.
  • These shoes protect your feet from producing odor producing bacteria and sweat.
  • They will keep your feet in excellent shape as well as help in making you run on long distances.
  • They are very cheap.
  • They are flexible and lightweight.


  • Few customers didn’t find it durable.


If you need shoes for both running and errands, these shoes are a perfect choice. Even after a long hectic day, they will keep your feet comfortable and dry. These colorful shoes will make your feet look stylish, and no one could stop themselves from complimenting them. With this affordable price, you could enjoy the style and ideal support for your feet at the same time.


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