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10 Tips for Developing Your Arm Strength for Baseball

One of the first skills all baseball players must have is how to throw a ball correctly. Regardless, you use the best youth baseball bats or have a great swing, if you are throwing skills aren’t up to mark; your team will find it hard to win matches. Teams lose not for poor fielding, but because of bad throwing. But most baseball coaches fail to realize that and most mainly focus on improving hitting and throwing techniques.

Developing Your Arm Strength

Regularly throwing a baseball for long periods of time without developing arm strength may cause injury to a player’s arms, wrist, and shoulders. But, it can be prevented if you can improve your arm strength over time using these several tips described below:

Exercises for Developing Arm Strength

  1. Use 45-Degree Front Lateral Raises.

Standing in front of the mirror, take a 5 pound dumbbell in each hand. Your arms should remain down at your side. Lift your arms to your shoulder height. Move your arms back to the previous position. Repeat 12 times for one session. Do two sets.

  1. Perform Dumbbell Curls

Take a dumbbell in each hand. Your elbows should be positioned in front of your body, and your palms should be a faced upwards. Lift the dumbbells together towards your chest. Then bring the dumbbells to the previous resting position. Keep the dumbbell weights to your liking. Repeat 12 times for one set. Try doing three sets.

  1. Use Triceps Push Downs

Use the same dumbbell for this exercise. Hold the dumbbells at a 90-degree angle with your arms. Keep your palms faced to the floor.  Push your arms downs to your thigh level. Keep breathing out as you do. Hold your position for a second. Breathing in, bring your arms back up. Repeat 10 times for each set. Try to perform three sets. You can also use a small barbell for this exercise if you want.

  1. Do Close-Grip Bench Presses.

Lay flat on a bench with a barbell support. Add weights, start off with small weights. Put your hands on the bar above you with the width of your shoulders. Lift the barbell; bring it tightly to your chest slowly, while breathing in. Push the barbell back while breathing out. This close grip drill will make your triceps stronger, which is important for throwing. Repeat eight times for each set. Try doing four sets.

  1. Medicine ball throws.

Stand with a wall to your right or left. Hold a medicine ball in front of you. Turn towards the wall very fast, and while you do this, let the ball go. This exercise will not only develop your core strength but improve your arm strength too.

Practice Throwing

  1. Improve Your Wrist Throw

Call a partner. Position your throwing arm at 90-degree angle. Support your elbow with your other hand. Using only your wrist, throw the ball as fast as you can to your partner. Don’t forget to use gloves on the other hand.

  1. Throwing the Ball Using Your Arm

Position your legs outwards. Place your throwing arm at 90-degree angle. Support your elbow with your other hand.  Practice throwing the ball using just your arm from the elbow up.

  1. Throwing the Ball Using Your Whole Body

Position your legs outwards. Position your throwing arm at 90-degree angle. Support your elbow with your other hand.  Throw the ball while twisting your while torso and your hips as well. Next, practice throwing the ball using one knee from that position.

  1. Try Throwing a Football

Use a football and practice throwing it around. It works up the arm and the rest of the body. Though this throwing a football is popular with little league players, nonetheless it can be a fun activity to do with a partner or a parent. Make your partner as your target to throw that ball. Repeat this exercise 15 – 20 times each time.

  1. Practice Long Throws Three Times Per Week

Practice throwing the ball, at least, three times every week. You need to spend 15 to 20 minutes throwing per session your practice. Practice throwing at different distances, like 30 feet, 60 feet, and 90 feet. Try throwing straight across the field instead of throwing at an arc. Use optimal force while throwing the ball.

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