ProForm Pro 2000 Treadmill Reviews – Pros & Cons

The ProForm PRO 2000 treadmill reveals ProForm has most advanced technological innovation by mixing space efficiency with top-notch functions like iFit, an excellent sound system, and a track that inclines and declines. We suggest this model to just about anyone with a weight of less than 350 pounds.

The ProForm 2000 is a runner’s desire with a huge deck and running surface, speed up to 12 mph, 15% incline, and most amazing and uncommon, a 3% decline ability. On top of that, the ProForm Pro 2000 Treadmill equipment is packed with accessories like 32 programmed workouts, cooling fan, Polar heart rate chest strap, MP3 compatibility, and access to iFit Live.

Key Features

Read the main features now about ProForm PRO 2000 treadmill:

The Best Performance

ProForm PRO 2000 treadmill is colossal and works like a Gym-grade professional treadmill equipment. It runs very silently and efficiently, and the fans work excellent. I have wood flooring in my residence, so I stood right next to it and did not feel anything. The PRO 2000 can get your heart pumping with fast training speed. This treadmill has a speed ratio vary from zero to twelve mph or a 5-minute mile speed. Especially, when you move at 15% incline, this can help you to burn double calories. Speed and incline features are sleek, and there is no effect on my knees.

More Convenient

This is simple to be put together and use especially the basic controls. It took me and a chance to put it all together. It is easier than some others are because you can change rates of speed and inclines while you are walking or running without avoiding. There are plenty of spaces helping you to put your product or other things such as phone, remotes, water, etc. ProForm brand has also programmed its product with amazing SpaceSaver technological innovation to make storage easier. Particularly, this model comes with the hydraulic spring EasyLift Assist helps raise and lower the treadmill deck quickly. It is made with a pulse speed buckle for you to band around your chest, but to me it has is needless because I often use the handholds on the equipment which are precise.

The Best Quality

ProForm is a well-known company in the health and fitness industry. This treadmill is the least expensive member of ProForm’s new PRO collection with top quality. I was satisfied by the frame and how well it seems to be designed. It has the sturdy steel frame which makes a durable frame and makes me experience more assured when running on this treadmill. I hesitated about buying this treadmill after studying a combination of good and bad opinions and review of different people.

Convenient Use

ProForm Pro 2000 Treadmill equipment is considered as a high top quality treadmill for home use. The treadmill can be used for the master, jogger, and sprinter or coaching to go from top to bottom as well as constant with it -3 % decline, 15% incline, 32 programmed exercises and limitless coaching opportunities. It will give you the exercise, which you have to pay to get at the gym. Use-up more calorie, increase aerobic stamina and improve real-road training are the big benefits of this great treadmill.

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  • It is very durable, has great assurance and amazing size “bouncy” walking space.
  • The machine seems relatively stable.
  • Easy to assemble and simple to use.
  • Nice durable running surface.
  • Nice extras: sound system, fan, polar HRM.


  • Heavyweight.
  • Quite huge even when folded away.


Question: What is the actual stand width?

Answer: The stand is exactly 22 inches wide.

Question: Does the treadmill have a shelf that will hold a Kindle or IPad?

Answer: Yes. It has 14 inches wide and x 1.2″ deep shelf.


For the cost, the ProForm Pro 2000 Treadmill is a fantastic equipment. Genuinely at this price range and even for treadmill machine charging $1,000 more or less, this is probably the champion. It has excellent development, a strong motor, a large running surface and plenty of accessories like the decline feature, 32-programmed exercises, and iFit livability.

The ProForm Pro 2000 is one of the best-selling treadmill machine of all here we are for a reason. Aside from the problems from third-party suppliers, there is not a single issue about the ProForm Pro 2000, which is why our evaluation is so confident.


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