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11 Safety Tips for Running in the Dark

Running during daytime is always considered to be safe, but due to our busy schedule, we cannot take out time for our running session when there is still light, so we choose night time to do our workout. Running in the dark always come at risk as you can fall due to poor visibility, become a victim of a reckless driver or become the target of people who only do harm to others.

Safety Tips for Running in the Dark

If you follow these tips mentioned below your safe run during the night is ensured:

Safety Tips for Running in the Dark

  1. Always run in pair or groups. You can run with friends or choose groups that run at night. There is less chance that you will become the target of potential attackers if you have people around you. If you still want to run alone, then let someone close to you know the route will be taking and how long will you take to complete your run.
  1. Always choose to run against the traffic. This way it will be convenient for you to see the vehicles coming towards you so you can avoid them easily. Avoid roads which are busy or doesn’t have sidewalks.
  1. If you love to take a run at night or early in the morning when visibility is poor, try to wear clothes of colors white, orange and yellow which can easily be seen by the driver. To make yourself visible, try to use reflective gear. Glow-in-the-dark running shoes will not only let you see the path ahead but will also make you more visible in the eyes of traffic.
  1. A headlamp will make your visibility better, so you don’t lose your balance during your run and become injured.
  1. You will feel safe if you run with your pet such as large dogs. These animals will protect you from people who intentions are not good.
  1. Try not to listen to music using your headphones as you will not be able to become aware of an approaching car or an attacker using your sense of hearing. If you want distraction during your running session through music, try to lower down the volume and only put one earbud in your ear so you can be aware of your surroundings.
  1. Always keep your identity card with an emergency contact number and cell phone with you. With a mobile phone, you can immediately call for help if you are in trouble. Use mobile holders so you don’t lose your mobile while running.
  1. Never become unaware of your surrounding even if you are running in the park as you can quickly become a victim of cyclists. When you are taking a turn, always make sure that no traffic is coming towards you.
  1. Usually, people who become the target of criminals, follow the same route every day and start their running session at the same time. Change your way every day and run at different times so an attacker would not become used to your routine.
  1. Carry some self-defense accessories such as self-defense spray like mace so you can protect yourself from criminals and make them taste their own medicine.
  1. The most responsible thing which you can carry is your instinct. Always trust your intuition when choosing your route for running session. If your ability thinks that the area that you have chosen is not safe, then ditch that neighborhood.

Follow these tips and you will always be safe when running in the dark. You won’t face any problems and will enjoy your running session during the night.

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