Superfeet Green Insoles Reviews – Pros & Cons

If you find your feet to be in trouble, or you want your feet to be treated like royalty, then these insoles are perfect for you. These beautiful green colored insoles make you feet so much relax that you might feel like that you just received a foot massage from a professional Masseur or Masseuse.

The design of these insoles so perfects for your feet that no changes have been required to make in the shape since its creation in 1977. These insoles are there to provide you comfort when you feel like your feet can’t carry any more load.


The material which is used to make these insoles is synthetic. Synthetic material not only handles a lot of pressure but also provide durability by retaining its original shape for a long time.

Man-made sole is one of the key features of these insoles so your insole would be able to absorb shock.

The stabilizer cap is placed at the bottom of the insole so it could protect your feet and make sure that above form layer does not lose its shape.

The closed cell present in high-density form layer surrounds your feet with a cushion like feeling and give your feet the support it needs.

Superfeet Green Insoles have widest and deepest heel cup which make a perfect tool absorb shock.

Green insole helps in giving firmness to your feet which assist in putting your feet, ankles, and knees in good shape. All natural coating prevents your feet from producing odor causing bacteria.

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Customer’s Feedback from Amazon

Superfeet Green Insoles have an average rating of 4.4 (more or less) stars on Amazon. Seventy percent of the customers feel that green insoles are specially made for them as they have given it a five-star rating. They find perfect for the high arch. People seem to believe that it is one of the best shock-absorbing insoles.

Individuals who have to work on foot feet or do a lot of running loves it the most.  People suffering from Plantar fasciitis or flat feet would prefer to choose green insoles. They found it to be well constructed. Most of the customer wish that they would come across these insoles sooner.


  • It is made up of material which is durable as or long period of time.
  • It is perfect for the people suffering from common foot pain, arch pain, heel pain and plantar fasciitis.
  • It is an ideal choice for individuals who have flat feet.
  • It provides a relaxing experience to the feet.
  • Its most important job is to play the role of a shock absorbent.
  • It’s natural coating saves your feet from producing odor and bacteria.


  • It is not made for tight fitted and inseparable factory fitted insoles footwear.


Superfeet Green Insoles are ideal for keeping your feet in check and prevent putting an extra burden on them. It is shock absorbent feature keeps your feet safe from unnecessary wear and tear. Green insoles are ideal for providing comfort and support to your feet.


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