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6 Best Tesla Running Shoes Reviews 2017 – [Pros & Cons]

Whenever you want to do some workout or want to run on different surfaces, you need to use the best shoe with great comfort. If you are a regular runner and care about feet, it is highly important to pick the right one. If you are new to running, then it is necessary to know which running shoe is better.

My friend Robert is suffering from different problems because of overweight. So, he decided to run every day in the morning. But he is confused which shoe he should use. Then he asked me for some suggestions. And my answer was to choose the best Tesla running shoes. I recommended Tesla because they have enough durability and great comfort.

However, there are different shoes from them, but I have suggested for some best budget products. Here I am going to write a detailed review about those shoes for him as well as for my readers.

Why Tesla Running Shoes?

  • They come with an affordable price.
  • Suitable to use in different terrains. No matter if you are using in some rough surfaces.
  • Keep the ankle in the right positions.
  • Comes with a comfortable design to stay relaxed.
  • Because of high-grade material, can be used for a long time.
  • Customer feedbacks for Tesla running shoes are better than others.
  • My personal experience with them is great.

Top 6 Tesla Running Shoe Reviews with Pros and Cons

NoNameMy Rating
1.Tesla Men's Lightweight Sports Running Shoe4.1
2.Tesla Men's Trail Running Shoe5.0
3.Tesla Men's Knit Pattern Sports Running Shoes4.5
4.Tesla Men's All-Terrain Hiking Trail Running Shoes5.0
5.Tesla Men's Ultra Lightweight Running Shoes3.8
6.Tesla Men's Lightweight Sports Running Shoe4.8

Tesla Men’s Lightweight Sports Running Shoe

If you are looking for best budget running shoes, you can choose from these models. They come in different sizes and colors.

You will love its flex groove sole with the hydro-grip outsole. It is perfect for traction and stability. You can move easily on all surfaces. Also, there is cushioning in the insole. So, you are not going to feel irritating. This will keep you in balance in case of waterside activities.

It also comes with dual vent mesh construction. So, air passes accurately and maintain the skin healthy. The top surface of the shoe dries faster. Side pattern of this shoe is also breathable. Moreover, this pair designed with durable EVA midsole.


  • Breathable material.
  • Comfortable to wear and fit with anyone.
  • Comfortable in long distance running.
  • The outer sole is highly durable and flexible to keep the balance.
  • High-grade material for the longevity.
  • Sturdy construction.


  • This Tesla shoe is not an ideal product for excessive usage.
  • Insoles are a little bit thin.

Conclusion: In the low budget, it is the best running shoe from Tesla. Will keep you comfortable in all terrains. I highly recommend anyone who is suffering from a budget.

Tesla Men’s Trail Running Shoe

This one is another budget friendly stylish running shoe from Tesla. Most of the customers love it for comfort.

It is the best running shoe for barefoot trail runners. Because of lightweight and flexibility, you will remain comfortable in all terrains. Also, it is made of strong upper materials. The outsole is highly durable to use for a long time.

It is made of durable rubber. For better stability, Barefoot Shoe BK31 comes with the slightly cushioned zero-drop sole. It is a breathable shoe which will keep your feet cool. PU shank feature ensures better support on the heels when working as a stabilizer.


  • Minimal design for exceptional comfort.
  • Durable upper for longer support.
  • Upper is also dirt proof to keep you hygienic.
  • No arch in your feet.
  • The insole is comfortable.


  • The front of the shoe is a little bit narrow.
  • Small toe box may cause irritation.
  • Not as flexible as some high-grade products.

Conclusion: It is highly recommended for light workouts. If you are a professional runner, you are not going to love it.

Tesla Men’s Knit Pattern Sports Running Shoes

If you want some style in your shoe, I recommend purchasing the L570/X573 Tesla running shoe. It suits with most of the personnel.

The best part I love about this pair is the cushioning. It is helpful when you are running on some rough surfaces. You are going to feel better than other cheap shoes.

Provides excellent traction and grip for running. It also comes with flex groove sole. The circular breathable material keeps the feet cool and hygienic. Heel loop band is helpful for arch support. Also, it has high flexibility to avoid any pain in the feet.


  • Lightweight design for comfort.
  • Breathable upper.
  • Shock absorbing system to avoid injury in extreme terrains.
  • Comes with an affordable price.
  • Suit with wider feet without hassle.


  • Insole quality is not good as the Tesla E621/E630/L542 running shoe.
  • Some customers have a complaint about the durability.

Conclusion: Though there are some negative issues about it, still you will love it for other features. You will not find same features in other shoes with the same price.

Tesla Men’s All-Terrain Hiking Trail Running Shoes

If you are looking for the best Tesla running shoe with the flexible and durable outsole, this one is for you.

It comes with low profile design. I love it for the support in all terrains. If you want to use your shoes for rough surfaces, I recommend the T320 model. Upper is made of mesh which is breathable. So, you will remain cool in the summer.

Main materials of this shoe are nylon webbing, leather and synthetic. This combination is highly durable. Also, constructed by experts to give the best service. It comes with shock absorption and reinforced heel cup. So, you can avoid any injury.


  • Ergonomic design with contouring patterns.
  • Carbon fabric design to make it stronger and flexible.
  • Superior grip force to use in all terrains.
  • Suitable for daily usage.
  • Heel cup to avoid injury in feet.
  • Comes in different colors and sizes.


  • The insole is not comfortable much.
  • The Very wider front may cause some issues.

Conclusion: Customer satisfaction for this T320 is better than some other Tesla shoes. With a little bit of care, it is possible to use them for a long time.

Tesla Men’s Ultra Lightweight Running Shoes

If you have a very tight budget, you can choose this Tesla L511/L512 model. However, I am not a fan of this shoe. There are several issues of it which you are not going to love.

This is a lightweight running shoe from Tesla. Its upper is made of breathable material to keep you cool for long time usage. Its inner side is so comfortable. But the outsole is not flexible and not suitable for all terrains. Shock absorbing system doesn’t work properly. Also, customer feedback is not satisfactory.


  • Lightweight design.
  • Comfortable in all seasons.
  • High-quality synthetic skin suede for durability.
  • Foldable heel tap.
  • Vent mesh for air passing.


  • Made of cheap material.
  • Doesn’t suit with wide feet.
  • The insole is not comfortable.
  • The outsole is not flexible as some other models of Tesla.

Conclusion: My recommendation is, don’t purchase this running shoe if you can afford some other models.

Tesla Men’s Lightweight Sports Running Shoe

If you are struggling because of wide feet, you should check this unit from Tesla. This is one of the best Tesla running shoes with low price.

The main material of the shoe is synthetic. Also, the upper is made of vent mesh. This is a good way to pass air. So, you remain comfortable on a hot sunny day. Flex groove sole is highly protective in different terrains.

Moreover, there is durable EVA midsole which is not only comfortable but also flexible. Its material is good as I expected. Customers are using this pair for a long time without any issues.


  • Lightweight running shoe.
  • Suit with different personnel.
  • Breathable upper.
  • Support for Arch and other injuries.
  • Price is affordable for all.
  • Available in two different colors.


  • Outsole quality is indigent.
  • Shock absorption is not satisfactory.

Conclusion: Comparatively, Tesla L542/E630 is better than most of its models. This pair is comfortable and easily suit with different sizes of feet.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

How to choose the right size?

In every product details, you will find that it has mentioned how you should choose the proper size. For some models, you need to choose a bigger one. Also, some models are suitable for the actual size.

What about the durability of Tesla running shoes?

In the above list, most of the running shoes come with great strength. Though there are some other models with different materials, I have found highly durable pairs of the shoes of my list.

Is there any shock absorption?

Yes, most of the shoes come with shock absorption system. But to be sure, you should check some customer feedbacks.

I am a professional runner; can I use these shoes?

Let me clear one thing; these are some low-profile shoes. If you want to sue for practice, they are ok. But not suitable for professional running.

Are these shoes having the protection for feet injury?

Yes, all the shoes of above list have protection for feet injury. Some models have a heel cup and other necessary features to keep your feet protected. Also, the sole of Tesla shoes is flexible to avoid any emergency circumstance.

Final Verdict

I have used different shoes with low price and high price. But never experienced so good as Tesla shoes. Most of the shoes from Tesla come with low price with some amazing features. If you are a beginner and looking for the best Tesla running shoes, you can go for any of the above models. If you have further info, you can always ask.


Disclaimer – All outbound links of product images and table-off content have been linked to Amazon.com, To know about the current stock of the above-mentioned product, you need to visit the specified link.


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