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Top Five Expert Tips to Stay Fit and Balanced

Being fit is everyone’s dream. Everyone wants to look good in the mirror. Every person wants their body to be in shape. Besides making you look good, a balanced life makes helps your body in many ways. It helps you by keeping you safe from chronic diseases such heart diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke, some kinds of cancer, etc.

Tips to Stay Fit and Balanced

Stress, unhealthy diet, and inactivity make you expose to life-threatening illnesses. A fit body makes you carry out daily activities with ease. It strengthens your muscles and makes them flexible. A calcium rich diet provides strength to your bones.

Exercise such as walking around a block or yoga helps in clearing your mind and provides you relief from everyday stress. Research has shown that the physical activity protects your cells from inflammation caused by stress. Workout and healthy keeps your body focus and active during daily activities.

There are many advantages of balanced life, and you could achieve it by following the advice of experts which are given below:

  • Ice Water

According to How to Burn Calories and Stay Fit…Forever by Wings of Success, drinking a large amount of ice water will help you burn calories equal to a number of calories you lose during jogging for two hours. Mostly, the body burns calories when it temperature rises. When you drink ice water, your body tend to burns calories by warming up the water to body temperature.

As our body temperature is thirty-seven degree Celsius and the temperature of ice water is near about zero degree Celsius. As they are 473.18 grams in sixteen fluid ounces of water and to raise the temperature by one degree Celsius of one gram of water, one calorie is needed so your body burns 17508 calories while increasing the temperature of 473.18 grams of water to thirty-seven degree Celsius. Even if you choose drink eight glasses of water during a day, you will burn seventy calories. You should also keep exercising while following this tip for a better result.

  • Swimming

Wings of Success also mention that swimming is an excellent exercise for working the muscles of your stomach and bringing them into shape. Water provides better resistant than air. You need more effort to move through it which helps you in working out your muscles. Swimming is a method of exercise which is less prone to injuries. It is the best way to workout for every age-group and keeps your joints in better shape by providing low-impact ways of training.

While having fun, you could keep yourself in shape by doing Dig and Jump. This exercise contains two movement, which focuses on the lower and upper body. First, stand into the water with your naval and chest inside it. Place your feet shoulder width apart and jump to bring your knees up to the pool surface and push them back down again.  This exercise would affect your lower body especially the abdominal muscles. The second part would work the muscles of your upper body. Place your one hand deep in water and then bring it out to one side. Focus three minutes on one hand and use your other hand for a balanced workout. Once you have become used to it, use both hands at the same time.

  • Don’t Ignore Breakfast

Alex A. Lluch mentions in his book Getting Fit Made Easy, that research has shown that skipping breakfast has a negative effect on the body. Breakfast is considered to be a most important meal of the day. We are low on energy in the morning because we spend eight to ten hours fasting during the night.

A simple and healthy breakfast containing protein, carbohydrates gives you with enough energy to cope up with daily activities. It has been proven through the research that people who have a complete breakfast contain meals such as boiled egg, juice whole grain cereal with low-fat milk are less likely to eat during midday meal or overeating.

  • Plan Your Meal Containing Healthy Choices

Alex A. Lluch gives advice that to avoid succumbing to junk food and sugary diets, prepare your meal beforehand. Hunger makes you choose unhealthy food and makes you eat more than you should. You can plan your next meal when you have finished eating or when you don’t feel any hunger pangs. You can also prepare your meal plan for a week. This will keep you away from unhealthy decisions.

Try to replace your unhealthy diet with nourishing foods. For example, bread and chips contain only calories and fats. Instead of using these foods with no nutritional value as a snack, try a vegetable soup or salad.  A recent study shows that individuals, who choose to consume vegetable soup before their meal, tend to eat 134 fewer calories. Similarly, people who develop a habit of eating a salad before their lunch and dinner, tend to consume twelve percent fewer calories.

Try to avoid processed and pre-packaged food. Your body gets energy, vitamins, and other nutrients by breaking down the food but it is tough for your body to break down processed and pre-packaged food. Similarly, these foods contain refined sugar and enhanced flavors which weaken your taste buds. To keep it fresh, chemical additives are added to these foods which are harmful to your body. Moreover, while they are processed many enzymes and nutrients which are part of that food are taken away from it, so your body does not receive the minerals and vitamins which are essential for it.

  • Try To Go Slowly

According to Your Plan for Balanced Life by Dr. James Rippe, people want to see the result as soon as possible. To achieve early results, they try to adopt methods such as diet pills and starving diets. These will not only provide you with temporary results but also harm your body. Furthermore, don’t overwork your body on the first day of exercise as it will only cause injuries. Try to start your workout slowly then increase the intensity when your body has gotten used to it.

Having a fit and balanced life should be your number one choice and these tips will help you achieve that life.

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  1. Elana

    September 29, 2016 at 11:17 pm

    The metabbolism diet is one particularly effective diet that turns the body into a very effective
    fat burner. Plus, you will see added benefits in a toned physique and fewer injuries.


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