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Top Ten Bodyweight Exercises Tips for Women

Everyone woman wants to look good. They wanted their body to be in perfect shape and toned up. Usually, there are some areas in a body which remain the same even though you are using every drop of sweat in your body to look good. These hard to deal with but there is a solution to every problem.

Top Ten Bodyweight Exercises Tips for Women

Bodyweight exercises are part of strength training exercises that does not depend on free weights. These exercises include push-ups, pull-ups, dips, squats, etc. which are effective especially those areas which love to look like a bag of fat and don’t pay any attention to your hard work. These exercises not only help you in reducing weight and toning up your body, but they help you in gaining strength and flexibility.

These activities make you lose weight quickly as they require a lot of muscles to perform an entire movement. These workouts have a lower risk of injuries as they do not need any external load which might damage your muscles. You do not require any gym membership to perform these exercises as you could do them easily at home. The best thing about these exercises is that you will never get bored. You could add extra reps; you could do it faster or add a ballistic movement.

You could follow these ten tips to achieve maximum results from your body weight exercises:

Top Ten Bodyweight Exercises Tips for Women

If you want bodyweight exercises to affect your whole body, then you should pick five moves and do three sets of every exercise 10 times. You should try to go rapidly between each move so you could you could burn your calories as quickly as possible and achieve your desired goal of perfect shape. The next day, choose different types of five exercises. You can add cardio intervals between the exercises to achieve great results as this practice would help you in increasing the time to your workout.

Do you want to focus on only specific parts of your body? Then you should choose only those exercises which specialize in targeting the fat that is present in those parts of a body. Just remember that you should always try to do those tasks challenging by increasing the speed, using more weights and adding more number of reps as soon as your endurance level increases.

If you do push-ups on your palms, and it hurts your wrists, try to bend your hand in the shape of a fist and use your knuckles for the push-ups. If you want an effective way to tone up the muscles at the back of your arm, you should make the knuckles face each other and while doing push-up try to keep the elbows close to each other. This act will also help in making your hand grip stronger.

If you are bored with standard pull-ups, and you want to make your exercise more challenging, then you should try archer pull-ups. This workout will not only make you reach your maximum limit, but it is an excellent way to ready for a one-arm pull-up. If you feel like your biceps need to be fit, then this exercise is just for you. You could use gymnastic rings or bar for this exercise. You have to suspend your legs in the air at a ninety-degree angle while holding the rings or bar with your hand.  Pull your body up while stretching your one arm and putting the body weight on your other arm by elbow extension and internal rotation of that arm. This act will also help you in making your shoulders stable for other exercises.

Muscle-ups workout will give your front and back of your arms a perfect shape. They are variety ways of performing this exercise. If you want to keep it simple, use a pool to pull yourself up and out of it but if you want this task to be hard, then choose something which has a height such as a wall, fence or high bar. It requires you to hang from the object that you are using for this exercise with a grip needs your thumb to be on top of the object. Bring your chin to the level of the bar by pulling yourself up. Then perform a dip by rolling your chest over the object. Then press your hands down on the object and pull yourself up. This exercise will also help you in burning calories.

A spontaneous act of flexing muscles will not only tone up your muscles but would also build them up and burn calories. A good way of bringing making your arms fit is by simply standing on your feet and flexing your muscles in such a way that it looks like you are showing off your biceps. You should squeeze them as hard as you can and keep this position for ten seconds. Try five sets by holding your arm in this position for ten seconds in the beginning.

A controlled diet is also necessary to maximize the effect of body weight training. You should make sure that junk food should vanish from your diet as Jack LaLanne said, “If a man makes it, don’t eat it. You should focus on making your food organic. You should try to eat organic vegetables and fruits which haven’t come in contact with any pesticides, food additives or antibiotic agents. If you can’t find any organic food near you, then make sure you properly wash and scrub the fruits and vegetables before eating them. Similarly, you should not eat the meat of the animals which given unnatural diet, hormones, and antibiotics. Try to find the meat of those animals which are kept in the natural environment and given natural diet. Meat should be an essential part of your diet as it supplies you with energy. For example, a fish caught from the ocean is enriched with Omega 3 fatty acids and proteins which are required for building your muscles.

You should measure how many calories you burn when you perform bodyweight exercises. Usually, those people who don’t count their calorie burn will eat more which only lead to gaining weight instead of losing weight even though they are trying their best to achieve their goal.

The most important thing is to keep your body hydrated when you are performing bodyweight exercises as your body is made up of about sixty percent water. If you don’t drink fluids, you would not be able to do exercise quickly and would get injuries such as cramps.

These tips will help you perform bodyweight exercise more efficiently, and you would be able to obtain your goal in a short amount of time.

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