X Rocker 51396 Pro Series Pedestal 2.1 Video Gaming Chair Reviews

X Rocker 51396 Pro Series Pedestal 2.1 Video Gaming Chair is one of the best chairs for gaming in the market. With the X Rocker Video Gaming Chair, you can not only listen to your music but also actually experience it. No matter, you hear to music, watching a film, or playing a sport, you will become a part of the thrill.

The X Rocker Video Gaming Chair has two-speaker invisible in the headrest and a subwoofer that uses Ace Bayou’s impressive AFM Technology. Audio Force Modulation Technology features speaker and ported subwoofer speakers into the open space within the X Rocker to increase audio quality and accentuate your experience.

Key Features

Here are the main features of X Rocker 51396 pro series pedestal 2.1 video gaming chair:

Ergonomic Model with Gunstock Arms

This is the first feature that drawn me towards the item. Every player has experienced back problems when they sit for a long time. Why does this happen? First, some seats are just intended for sitting purpose and not playing! They are not shipped to keep your position in the right place. This is the reason why back pain becomes a big problem while getting playing games.

Ergonomic design provides the right pressure points and keeps your body in the best place possible that prevents any discomfort. Today most of the seats are developed in this way to offer comfort and pleasure.

Built-in Radio Wireless Receiver and Speakers 

Now X Rocker Video Gaming Chair has amazing speaker and subwoofers. The speaker exceeds all and provides a real-time gaming experience. No, issue what game you play, the audio makes everything actual. The oscillations produced by the subwoofers are amazing. I would say that the X Rocker Video Gaming Chair has the best speakers!

The chair comes with a built-in radio wireless receiver. It comes with wireless transmitter operates together with any tool with RCA stereo results.

Posh Look

An average looking chair with the best features might not look amazing. However, an attractive looking chair with the best features will be an immediate eye catcher. This is exactly what X Rocker provides. X Rocker Video Gaming Chair has an excellent cushioning and has leather like an experience.

Great for Teens and Adults

Do not worry about your size. No issue how tall you are, you will conveniently fit in this super relaxed chair. Also, the chair is a little high from the ground and helps you to keep your leg in a comfortable place. This chair is not for any age group. Whoever wants to rest and play getting playing games can always use this chair.

 Simple to Access Controls

An amazing gaming chair is one that features manages, which are simple to function & available so that player may change them. This X Rocker chair features extremely user-friendly, convenient & well organized controls, which can be managed by anyone regardless of the levels of expertise in working game playing chairs.

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  • Easy to setup.
  • Amazing audio quality.
  • Comfortable.
  • Store very quickly at any place.
  • Simple & economical to afford.
  • Compatible with any gaming program.
  • Lightweight & can be shifted around easily.


  • Leaning back is limited.
  • The cushion is not durable.
  • No power charger provided for the transmitter.


Question: Is it suitable with ps4?

Answer: Yes, this chair is compatible.

Question:  What is the power source for the chair?

Answer: It has A/C plug into the wall for the source of energy.

Question: Does it work with xbox1 and Xbox 360?

Answer: Yes, it features well with Xbox 1 and Xbox 360.


I would suggest this item to everyone. This chair is worth having it. No issue how long you use, it will remain your favorite gaming chair permanently. Take my words, and you will be at a stable place. Take this chair before it goes out of stock.

The X Rocker Video Gaming Chair is a perfect one to buy for those movie lovers and games lovers. You can enjoy listening music leaving all your any backaches or strain, you will no doubt like to spend a long time & have the audio that chills and thrills yours from inside. With the investment of little money, you could get your gaming experience thrilling & enjoyable.


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