XMark Power Tower with Dip Station Reviews – Pros & Cons

Xmark power tower with dip station provides customers a safe and fun to use exercise atmosphere with efficient elements. Its tower, for example, is stylish, durable and made of a powder-coated 14-gauge steel that does not rust nor corrosion eventually.

The tower is also the beginning evidence and involved knee raise, pull-up, push-up and dip channels that you can use to broaden your workouts. All channels have extensive and narrow grips. The double-stitched cushioning used to cover arms is smooth and comfortable. The Dura-guard vinyl fabric used to cover its back pad is water and tear-proof while its constant legs have anti-slip rubber hats that protected surfaces from damage.

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The Best Features

Power towers have many significant features that you should keep in mind, which are the different types. If you are going to put one of these exercise channels in your home gym, you should get the best one your price range allows with the most significant features and channels.

Below are some of the more common significant features you will see on a high-quality Xmark Power Tower with dip station.

Padded Arm Grips

Cushioning arm grips on all the channels will protect the arms and be a lot more smooth to use than if they are just nasty or steel. It is simple to split the skin of your arms; especially doing workouts like chin-ups and pull-ups r.  The padded grips slow the probability of this occurring.

Channel Numbers

Power Towers can be incredibly simple and just have an access bar or they can have many gadgets and have many different channels such as the ones we previously described. The more channels an electrical tower has, the better exercise you can get from it.

Durable and Sturdy Tower 

Since you will be hanging from this equipment, it is important to know that it can without danger and securely keep you. Most power towers are made of high-quality steel with weight abilities of anywhere from 250-350 pounds based on the model.

Adjustable Size

An easy significant feature to have is an electrical tower that has adjustable height configurations. Not every person has the same height so that you can adjust the height according to your specific height. These features make height is very useful to a smooth and excellent exercise.

Non-Skid Base

If you want to feel like the bottom of the power tower, it is protected, and it will not slide around on the floor while you are doing exercising on it. Non-skid legs will stop this from occurring and will be protected whatever flooring surfaces you have beneath power tower.

Durable Padded Places

Ensure that the cushioned and padded places are covered with resilient tear proof vinyl fabric. This will also make sure it is very simple to clean as well. The padded backsets and arm sets make the workouts smoother to carry out.


  • It can do wide or narrow pull-ups
  • You can do joint increases, pull-ups push-ups, and sit-ups.
  • The shields for joint increases are 4’ wide
  • It does have tires on one side that help you move it around when needed.
  • Sturdy and durable 14-gauge steel tower and has an electrical cover that is the scratch resistant


  • You do not get the sit-up curler pad or some of the additional weight and balance of the most expensive model.


Question: What is the size between the armrest of both sides?

Answer: The distance between is about 18 3/4″.

Question: What are the measurements of this equipment?

Answer: It is approximate. 7′ high and about 26″ wide

Question: What color is the Xmark Power Tower?

Answer: Color is a dark iron gray.


Overall, the XMark Power Tower that will do the job. It has all the major exercise channels to get the job done. Keep under consideration of the overall height of the tower as I previously described if you are placing this in your home gym at your house. You want for making sure it fits.

If you are a tallboy and want something, more durable they make another model that weighs about 600lbs known as the XMark Luxurious. It is more expensive, but it is an option.  You can get this at an adjusted price here at amazon.com and see other recommendations about the item before you buy the XM-4434.


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